The Life of Bon: And so this is sum sum...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

And so this is sum sum...

Well if you want to know the truth, I'm mad at Greg.  You see, he was supposed to be writing this post for me tonight.  But he forgot.  And begged for an extension.  I told him he better freaking shape up and keep his deadlines if he expects to make it in this business and he just rolled his eyes at me.  You know the look, "The oh please, wife, you humor me..." look.

You see, Greg told me in support of my hard blogging work he would write me a guest post every 1000 followers.  What a guy!  Well, 1000 followers came and I got him to whip up this sweet little diddy.  Everybody loved it!  He stole the show!  The girls swooned!

Then 2000 came and went, and all of a sudden Greg didn't want to crank out the posts anymore.  I mean, come on, I'm not asking posts every day, boy, I'm  just asking one for every thousand followers!

I let the 2000 marker slide and then months later, here I was, giddy to pieces with 3000 people somehow so unwisely following along with my shenanigans.  And guess who did not put out another post?  GREG!

So Sunday I decided the asking time was over.  It was demanding time. Here I am, 3343 beautiful followers, and Greg just hiding away in a little hole.  The nerve!  "Greg.  You're posting on my blog on Wednesday!"  I demanded.  To which, surprisingly, he said nonchalantly, "Yah, okay, sounds good."

Tell you what, never believe a man who nonchalantly says "Yah, okay, sounds good..." because I came home from tennis tonight, (Yes, I am taking intermediate tennis lessons with six perfect strangers, and it is safe to say that I am absolutely the worst person in the class.) and said so sweetly and tenderly, "Are you ready to put that post up?" To which Greg said "Oh my gosh! I forgot. Can you post tonight please and then I'll post tomorrow?"

Men.  Totally useless.

Look at him.  Don't he look ever the conniving and mischievous husband?  Because he is!  (And that would be my new bra I got from Victoria Secret's semi annual sale.  My favorite time of year, naturally.)

This post was at no time supposed to be about Greg not posting a post.  And yet somehow this post is about nothing but the boy that didn't post the post when he was supposed to post!  (How many times can YOU say post?!?)

On another note, summer has been bomb so far.  I've hit up the water park three times already and you better believe I have just lazed and lazed that lazy river.  I think I could probably lay on a tube on the lazy river for literally eight hours a day.  Consider it my new full time job, baby!

Speaking of jobs.  I got one.  For the summer, I mean.  It's a job working with mentally disabled folks... mostly I take them grocery shopping and to the zoo and the movies and such.  It's a real tough gig but someone's gotta do it.  Actually, it knocks out two of my summer goals in one.  Small part time summer job... Check.  And because the pay is so disgustingly low, Service.... check.  I didn't even realize there were still jobs out there that paid that low.  And this coming from a teacher!  When will someone pay me what I think I deserve?!?

Anyway... today was orientation for said job.  Whoever decided to show terribly made videos from he 80s for orientation needs to be shot in the head.  I don't know how many useless orientation videos I have sat through in my life, but those are hours I will never get back, people!  Also I trained with a 19 year old who told me how depressing it was that she's getting so old and that she lived in Hawaii five times.  Not that she lived there five times- that maybe would have actually been cool.  She told me five times.  Some people just like to talk about themselves, you know?  She totally got on my nerves because she was an over achiever and a know it all and obviously so very proud that she had lived in Hawaii and had three different jobs this summer.

Truth be told, (also, my brother thinks anyone who says truth be told or honestly when they talk is a chronic liar.  Why else would you need to clarify which sentences are telling the truth?  If someone says truth be told with one sentence, does that mean all other sentences are lies?  FOOD FOR THOUGHT!) I think she bothered me because she reminded me so much of myself.  Over eager, yappy, know it all.  I wonder if subconsciously the reason we don't like certain people is because they possess many of the characteristics we don't like in ourselves?  Now THERE'S something to think about it!

This post has gone on long enough!  Long enough I say!  It feels scrambled and carefree and not very organized and really maybe kind of pointless. Question mark?  But I like it anyway.  This post, I mean.  It is me and it is summer and a true reflection of me and my brain and how it works in the summer.  Here to there to here to there at a million miles an hour.  Snow cones to water park to tennis to cabin to smores to vacation to summer job to late nights to sleeping on the tramp.

Oh.  Summer.  Don't ever leave.

Can't you just feel the carefree radiating off of me in this picture?
And why are my lips purple?!?


  1. This post was so fun! And darn you Greg, get your act together or it's going to be anything but smooth sailing for you from here on out in the blog world. Just kidding. I love you both dearly. In the most non-creepy blog reader type way.

  2. Yay for summer jobs!

    Said no teacher, ever.

    But yay for a little extra summer income! And that's a real-life, non-sarcastic exclamation point.

  3. hahahah You are so funny!!! I love the stories of you and greg. I can totally see my jeff doing the same thing to me!!!

  4. hahah I have definitely lazed around since school ended!! My husband has yet to be asked/ threatened into writing a guest post hahahah

  5. HA! Sounds like my brother. I need to tell him something 3 times before he actually hears it. Gotta love him though... he isn't THAT bad.

  6. Men are just silly. Hurray for water parks though! That sounds like the next best way to spend a summer day... besides being at my favorite amusement park.

  7. Love this post. My brain works the same way.

  8. Haha so great. Okay your hair is so cute short. Is it naturally really straight? Mine is pretty wavy so I don't think I could ever pull that off!

  9. Haha, I try to make my husband participate as well and he whines the whole way! But, he has promised a post for August, and I know he'll deliver on this one! :) Hooray for your summer job, it sounds like a good one!


  10. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Oh, I thought you were talking about my husband for a minute there! HA! Sounds similar!

  11. i can't trust anyone that tells me to have a 'blessed day' nope, not gonna happen. going to have a bad day just to spite you for telling me that.

  12. Thank you for the laugh this afternoon I needed a laugh

  13. great post! I love reading people's random thoughts!

  14. Oh, Greg, I was SO looking forward to your post...when you flaked on us again, I wept salt tears. YOU MADE ME CRY, GREG. I'm still crying, in fact. Very awkward at work and all. Why must you break my bloggy heart so??!

    (...did it work??)

  15. Love the random thoughts. That is so how my brain functions! A million miles an hour every hour!

  16. You look really cute in that picture. Greg suffers from the same thing Ben does... passive aggressiveness. He's all polite and willing and great with lip service, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, sometimes he just bails on me. Ben's actually great most of the time, but I could totally see him doing the same thing Greg just pulled on you. I'd hang it up. Get someone else to write a guest post every 1000. LIke Mom. Or Buddy.

  17. Too bad you're quitting your job, that would have made for some GREAT blog posts.

  18. "I think she bothered me because she reminded me so much of myself. Over eager, yappy, know it all. I wonder if subconsciously the reason we don't like certain people is because they possess many of the characteristics we don't like in ourselves?"

    You spot it, you got it.

    My way of saying it is shorter. And rhymes. :)

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle