The Life of Bon: In Process

Saturday, June 01, 2013

In Process

Sometimes I feel like there is just so much to process that my mind needs to sit back for a minute and let all the ideas and thoughts running around to catch up to each other before I can sort it all out.  Life is so good and there is so much that is exciting and happy that is happening and also some sad but I can't write about any of it yet because the ideas are all still running around playing tag inside my brain.  Today I said goodbye to most of my students.  We had our last class together, cried a bit, ate a lot, and now I'm left here on a Friday night trying to figure out what to think of it all.  Give me a couple of days, will you?

For now I can't process anything except for this:

Round 4 of Grow Your Blog Roundtables will be held on Wednesday, June 12 in Provo, Utah at a quiet discreet location.  The focus will be writing- how to write the tough stuff, the vulnerable stuff, how to write what people want to read, but also what you are passionate about, how to write well, etc.  Just good old fashioned honest writing.  I'll make an "official" announcement next week, but I thought I'd at least give you a heads up as I have already had a few people wanting to reserve their spot.  I absolutely love these blogging roundtables.  Definitely one of my very favorite things about blogging.  Email me at if you are interested. $10 gets you a seat with your name on it.

In other news, I'm daydreaming about these gorgeous flats.  It's not too early to start my back to school shopping, is it?

If you haven't taken your shoe matching quiz at ShoeDazzle yet, you seriously need to.  It's the most shopping fun I've ever had without spending a dime.

For your weekend reading:

+I found a perfect shoe for about dang near every occasion this summer, HALLELUJAH! (Thanks, Shoedazzle!)
+Graduation last year almost made me break down in tears.  There's no hope for this year.
+ I compiled this last year of favorite summer reads.  Go pick a book up this summer, will you?  It's on me.
+ It was around this time a year ago that Greg officially became a man.  Oh, it was exciting.
+I'm still getting so many views of this Q & A about Mormon beliefs.  Love the respect that is out there.


  1. those shoes look gorgeous! just discovered your blog, and definitely will be following :)

    leyla xx

  2. Its my personal opinion that those shoes should belong to you sooner so you can break them in before school :)

  3. if you'd had this four days sooner, i could go. :[

  4. These comments have nothing to do with the shoes (although they're cute). I have been following your blog for a while. As a fellow teacher, I enjoy reading about you and your kids. I have also been following your recent "lets move to California/Lets not move to California" adventures. I teach in California, and all I can say is that things out here (education wise) are just plain nutty. My school just let 4 teachers go (and they've taught for at least 10 years). Education in this state is way wacko, so I am glad to see that you found another job and that you and the hubby are plotting other life adventures. I wish both of you the best of luck in all of your adventures. P.S. Enjoy your summer!

  5. One of these days, blogger roundtable will fit in with my crazy schedule and I'll be able to come! I'm bummed because this one sounds like it will be awesome! :)

  6. I agree, those shoes are amazing!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. Those mint flats are darling!

  8. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Thanks for rounding up these links! Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech is hands-down one of the best books I have ever read, even including the many grown-up books I have read over the years. Seriously, just thinking about it made me pull out my old copy and re-read the ending and then cry. On a Sunday morning. And it was worth it! I've read all of her books now but Walk Two Moons is by far my favorite. It breaks your heart and then it heals it.

  9. Finding good shoes that look nice and feel good and doesn't cause sore aching feet is always good but often can be pretty bloody hard to find.......