The Life of Bon: Vacation misplans... ?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Vacation misplans... ?

Well, folks.

I find myself in a very quiet cool hotel room smack dab in the middle of Hawaii.  I am not at the beach.  I am not hiking.  I am not snorkeling.  If you are thinking it's pretty weird for me to come all the way to Hawaii and then just chill in a hotel room, I will say to you: I agree.

Greg got sick is the thing.  It started when our flight was landing... just a little queasy and nauseous.  We waited a year for our baggage and then another four years for our rental car.  By the time we found the hotel, Greg was as white as a ghost and struggling hard to keep it down.  He literally jumped out of the car at a stoplight in front of the hotel and ran right into the bathroom.

That was about 5 pm.  He puked all through the night and barely slept a wink.  He kept saying, "I wish I were just at home!"  That's about the saddest thing in the world to go on a beautiful vacation and wish you were at home.

It is now close to 11 am.  He seems to be on the mend and has at least been sleeping a bit.  I don't care what the boys says, though, I'm taking him to the beach at noon, puking and all.

I mean, come on, this is vaycay!

In the mean time, I've got Debbie to entertain you.  She will tell you about all of the things that Greg and I should be doing right now on our vacation, but are not.  Also, Debbie is awesome because she has the same name as my mom and what's not to love about that?!?


Hey y'all! My name is Debbie and I can usually be found over at Tales of the Benedicts. I started blogging a little over a year ago to document the adventures and journeys that life took my husband and I on. It has been so much fun sharing my little life with this great big blogging world.

I hail from the south and I am not afraid to get out in the woods and get dirty. Some of my most favorite adventures are the hikes that my husband and I take. It is great to be out in the woods enjoying God's creation. So I thought I would share a little about one of my favorite adventures.....backpacking at a sweet little spot called Virgin Falls.

This was the first time that my husband and I had backpacked this trail. We had hiked it a couple of times before and thought it would be so much fun to backpack it. So we set out on our adventure looking forward to our little camping trip. About four miles into the hike we reached our campsite, and the best thing was that we were the only ones camping that night. So we had the whole site to ourselves. Score!

Our little backpacking adventure will be one that goes down in the history books as one of my favorite memories. It was great to see some really cool waterfalls, spend the night in the woods with my babe, eat breakfast at the top of a waterfall, and have lots of laughs and good conversations. I have included some pictures of our adventure for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

A room with a view!


  1. What an awesome waterfall!

  2. Hope Greg feels better!

  3. Yay for Hawaii!!! Come visit me!!!

  4. I hope Greg feels better soon!

  5. Some cool pictures here! Amazing and breathtaking waterfalls.


  6. That waterfall is AMAZING. I wish I could convince my daughter to go out hiking with me. I mean she's 7 thats old enough right? Hoping Greg feels better soon so you can enjoy the heck outta Hawaii. Its the best!

  7. UGH. Being sick on vacation is the worst. I hope he feels better soon!

  8. looks like a fantastic place to be on holiday, that waterfall is amazing! :)

    Leyla xx

  9. I leave for Mexico next Wed. I'm worried about Montezuma's revenge happening :/

  10. Those photos of the waterfall............bloody lovely...............