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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Straight from the mouth of Hubs

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Chicas.  Today it happened.  I finally made my husband write my post.  It was amazing.  I was lying on the bed, curled up with a good book and happy as can be.  Next to me was Greg, typing away and sweating bullets over if this sentence sounded right or if that sentence sounded too corny.  My how the tables have turned!  Without further ado, I introduce to you, the absolute love of my life, Greg! 


I have been avoiding this guest post for a long time now.  I’ve been on the run and have been completely avoiding my wife for the past few months, but she managed to find me while I snuck home for a thing called “dinner”.  So here I am once again trying to decide what to write and why I am even writing at all.  I guess in the end I am just too good of a husband and just can’t say no to that spunky blonde with bold red lipstick.  While I was trying to sneak my way out of the responsibility of writing a post Bon said to me, “you would never hack it as a blogger!” That’s a true quote.  I have been thinking and pondering about that quote and I have come to face the knowledge that it is the truth.  I would never hack it as a blogger and here is why.

Greg hard at work on this exact guest!

1-     I don’t like talking about myself.  It’s not that I am humble or anything or even shy.  Most of the things that happen in my life are so boring/mundane/crazy/painful/unbelievable that I don’t feel like recounting them at all.  Once is enough. 

2-     I don’t like to tell stories.  Unless they are Ghost Stories or Hilarious stories or on rare occasion “Hilarious Ghost Stories”.

3-     I am not good at smiling in pictures.  My face muscles don’t work properly.  I have what I call a “natural frown”.

4-     I have no fashion sense.  My friends recently told me that I dress like a little boy playing dress up for the day.  The style of my T shirts were referred to as “the flying squirrel”  because I would buy too large of a size and it looked like I had wings.  (some of your husbands may be struggling with the same problem, just go down one size to correct it.)

5-     I’m a ginger.  To elaborate on this, gingers are not known for their amazingly good looks or tan complexions.  I think that I turned out decent looking but modeling will never be my strength.  Unless it is for some pasty ginger magazine (which I don’t think would have many readers). 

6-     I am not good with designing or cool computer skills.  If you are impressed with the font I have used for this post it is called “cooper black” and can be found on any version of Microsoft word.

7-     I have no grammar skills.  Bon is always trying to edit things for me and apparently I have a problem of putting a ; when I should be using a , (comma).
8-     I wouldn’t want to do giveaways.  (I would just keep the gift for myself and then write my own posts). 

9-     I’m terrified of “get off my internets”.  If Satan had a job that would be it.  And I wouldn’t want Satan reading my posts and attacking me verbally. (Spiritually is enough).

10-   I would post too many pictures of Dogs.

And the list could go on even longer but it would start to get a little weird.  So I am going to call it quits here and hope that this is all enough.  I thank you all for being such fans of Bon and supporting her.  May your blogs be successful and may your traffic flow like, really good traffic. Which technically would be “bad traffic” because you want a lot of traffic. So bad is good and good is bad. So yeah.

Greg calls this the "blogger pose".  
He's pretty much got us figured out, doesn't he?


  1. It's sweet that he did a post for you. I think his post being about why he couldn't hack it as a blogger is a great post. It's simple, straightforward and perfect for a non-blogging hubby. And gingers rock in my opinion even though I am not one :)

  2. Ha! I loved this post! xx

  3. Oh my goodness. I am dying. Greg should definitely get a blog, because serious, I would be all up in that bizz-nazz. (Oh gosh, what was that? I am so lame). In other news: I would totally buy that ginger magazine because have you seen the Weasleys... Oh yeah. Good call Greg. ;) Also, that pose, gold.

  4. HAHAHHA!! I would definitely read Greg's blog if he had one... You and him should check out the Blog: Its a HILARIOUS blog written by a guy (who is LDS) and may also be one of the funniest blogs I have EVER read!

  5. That must be the sweetest blog post ever. Your hubs is a keeper xx

  6. Ummmm....gingers are the best!

  7. Hahah love the ginger one. As a fellow ginge I think that a gingy magazine would be great. Cover stars could be people like Rupert Grint and Isla Fisher. I'd buy it.

  8. Lol love this! I think his first reason is why most men don't blog... At least I knows bf would say the same thing'

  9. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Laughing so hard. My goodness. Golden.

  10. HAHA funny post Greg!

  11. hahaha "hilarious ghost stories"...priceless!

  12. This was fabulous! :) haha I would love to get my boyfriend to write a post, but I'm pretty sure his list of reasons not too would follow along with greg's (minus the pasty ginger part!) ha And I'm pretty sure that's how we all stand for pictures, am I right!?

  13. This is GREAT!! Way to go Greg.

    P.S. I bet y'all's house is so much fun!!

  14. Anonymous9:51 AM

    He makes a really good point about this traffic thing. Do you want good traffic or bad traffic? I will think about this the rest of the day. Or at least the next ten minutes until something shiny comes along.

  15. So hilarious! What a great post from Greg! You two must laugh nonstop together!

  16. Hey! I am a Ginger and there are Ginger magazines and we do kinda rock! Did you know that only 2% of the human race is actually a true red head! So go us!!!

  17. Anonymous10:09 AM

    So glad he finally wrote a post! He did a great job!!

  18. hahaah so funny!! way to go greg!!

  19. This is so cute! I love it! My husband has been saying for months he wants to do a cartoon series on our blog (kind of like Doghouse Diaries or XKCD) about our married life, but he has never done anything about it (expect come up with ideas as to what the cartoons would say.
    I'm also a ginger, well more auburn, but I have pale pasty skin as well...But we're the best, tell Greg that he isn't alone in that department!

  20. hahahhaha, he needs to post again, please!

  21. And then I snort laughed at my desk...thank you Greg.

  22. OMG! I love his blogger pose!! My husband is actually thinking of doing a food blog. He's such a procrastinator I'm not sure if it will be his "thing" and's my thing so it would kind of suck if his ended up being better then mine. Ha, ha. He did a pretty good job on this he's off the hook until you hit your next milestone.

  23. This is hysterical. I was scrolling to read this and saw the ending photo without the caption. My immediate thought was "Is Greg posing like Bonnie?"

    Next guest post: A fashion post! During which all the pictures are Greg trying to pose like you! With his description of whatever he's wearing!!!!

  24. I LOVED your husband's guest post! And I love that he asked you to guest post for his guest post. Oh husbands, what would we do without them!


  25. Hilarious. He nailed many things that are so "blogger."

  26. My brothers and husband do that same pose for pictures and yell "DO BRI'S BLOGGER POSE!!!" Ummm guys, I don't stick out my butt like that....such dorks! Your husband's post was funny & fun to read! Make him do more!!!

  27. fantastic post! so fun to read! Thanks for sharing Greg!

  28. Oh my. He is the cutest of all the cutes.

    Also. There is no such thing as too many pictures of dogs!

    So fun hearing from him :)

    Emma @Tightrope to the Sun

  29. BEST POST EVER. I completely do that blogger pose.

    Thanks, Greg!


  30. Oh, Greg- gingers are quirky-attractive, pasty faces and all. :P

    That's a pretty damn accurate blogger photo pose, selfie in here and I would be sold on Greg being a semi-pro blogger in his free time!

  31. Haha, this was amazing. You guys both have a great sense of humor. I would love to sponsor if you have any room left!