The Life of Bon: I have nothing to say.

Monday, January 13, 2014

I have nothing to say.

I've got a bad case of writer's block and there seems to be no cure.

When I first started blogging I remember people asking me if I ever ran out of things to say.  And I'd brag, "Nope!  I got a lot to say!  So very very much to say!  So many topics so little time I shall never run out of the many things to say!"

Welp.  Looks like I've run out.  It took five posts for a week for two and a half years.  Some 600 posts.  Every thought I have ever had has now been released onto the internet.

Here's the thing.  A lot of times I think I run out of things to say, but I invariably find something to write on within time.  I've got a little routine for when I come to my blog ready to blog but with nothing to say.  Here's what I do:

A)  Read my favorite blogs for inspiration/ ideas of what to write on.  If no idea comes then I
B)  Look at gomi to see what other bloggers are complaining about.  I'm not necessarily proud of this, but it is what it is.  If no idea comes after this then I
C)  Read posts that I wrote a year ago from the current week or month.  If no idea comes then I
D) Look through pictures on my computer hoping that they will spark an idea or a story.  If no idea comes after this then I
E) Get on facebook until I find something that someone somewhere is talking about that is interesting to me.

That's it.  I've only been to E!  Before I have always found something to write on by the time I get to E.  But not today!  Today I went all the way through E!  Over and under and around A-E and I came up with nothing.  I read blogs, I skimmed gomi, I read my old posts, I searched pictures, I wasted my life on facebook and it was all in vain!  I've got no ideas.


(Oddly enough, that whole thing just reminded me of The Office episode where Michael Scott yells at the top of his lungs, "I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!"  Please tell me you've seen that episode.  Gosh, that show was brilliant back in its hey day.)

Now would be the time when you tell me what you do when you have nothing to post about.  Once upon a time I wrote a post on how I work around writer's block and how I make sure that I have something interesting to say every day.  Which just shows that I've basically just been full of crock this whole time.

Because I officially have run out of things to say, I am having Melany take over for the rest of my shift.  Trust me, this woman has many, many interesting things to say.  She lives in Southern California, is a self proclaimed "groupie", and navigates for us the wonderful world of dating in Los Angeles.  Her life is polar opposite of mine which might be why I enjoy reading her blog so much- it's like picking up some kind of foreign, fascinating novel.  Take it away, Melany!

Hello “Life of Bon” fans! I am so happy to be here with my guest post and want to congratulate Bonnie on her hard work and parlaying her blogging “Rockstar-ness” into something truly inspiring on this website. You rock! Here is to 2014 and all the new opportunities ahead! I am a fellow bloggess with a bit of a different message than Bonnie but at the end of the day all of us lady bloggers have one thing in common – we write exactly what is on our minds whether it be about fashion, makeup, dating or just life in general. So, that is where my blog comes in. At first the blog began as an outlet resulting from a horrific breakup but it has turned into so much more than that now. It is my mouthpiece, my identity and my best friend. I am super proud of my blog and hope that you all come on over and let me know what you think. Don’t be shy and visit me in all places! A little more about me: I am a single girl living in Beverly Hills with way too many TRUE STORIES to tell. I write about being young, single and working (unknowingly) as a flytrap for ALL the stupid people in the world. I have been told that I need to write a book so, I started blogging!
Melanysguydlines glitter

From Northern California originally, but moved to LA to work for William Morris, Irving Azoff, MTV, CAA and all the other big dogs (old men) in the music business (behind the scenes because I break car windows and make dogs bark when I try and sing). This was fantastic until I realized I was approaching 30 and still wanted to be a groupie in a rock band. So, I packed my things and relocated back to San Francisco where the freaks got weirder and my dating life nearly stopped because the guys were more interested in looking at each other than me. So, that brings me back to LA where I have started writing a blog and sharing my experiences with others who enjoy laughing at themselves, the harsh world, and of course, my stories. I have a lot to say in regards to guys and dating but since Bonnie has found a great “Ginger-man”, us single ladies will have to “keep on keepin’ on” in search of our “Ginger”.

 Melany’s Guydlines here– (the bible). Follow me on twitter here.  
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  1. Thanks for the opportunity Bon! Love your blog too!

  2. When I have nothing to say I just dont blog! How genius is that? Haha! PS I want to hang out with you soon!

    1. Woop, I was going to say the exact same thing. Also, I have about 30 drafted posts that are always waiting for me to finish them. Most of them probably need to be deleted because they're irrelevant but every now and then I find a gem hidden in there.

    2. Haha. You ladies are geniuses. Usually if I force myself to write I find out I actually DO have something to say... just obviously didn't work this day.

  3. just gotta point out, you said 2013 and its 2014! lol silly- its hard to change years!~

    I have the same predicament, nothing to say, tired of link ups and piggybacking ideas with others- what to do? what to do? :(

    1. Exactly. Must be the time of year! Hard to come up with quality material.

  4. I love that scene from The Office, such a good show :)

  5. As soon as I got to "declare" in that sentence, my mind immediately finished it with "BANKRUPTCY!" :)

  6. After 744 posts, I have run out of things to say too. Although, to be fair, I probably ran out of things to say 100 posts ago and just haven't let things die. Haha!!

    I will tell you a secret: sometimes I think I have nothing to say, so then I go read your blog and I find myself itching to respond to or try my own take on something you've written. Normally I don't finish these posts or publish them, but sometimes I do.

    Another secret: sometimes I look at old tweets for inspiration. Twitter is my favorite thing because I can only write 140 characters per tweet, which means I can be pithy and clever, but still have room to expound later if I so desire.

    One last secret: my favorite posts to write as of late are my "random thoughts on a weekday". I just let my random thoughts spill out as I type. I actually get a pretty good response from those, which surprises me. Another good things from those posts is sometimes I just keep typing and typing about one particular topic and then realize that can be a separate post in and of itself!

    Anyway, I am sorry for giving you this obnoxious advice, but not that sorry about it. ;) In the past six months I've tried to blog about things that I think my future self and my future family will want to read about my twenty-two year old self. Erf.

    1. You are awesome Jennie and none of your advice is obnoxious. I love the twitter idea except for lately I have been feeling that my tweets have also been sub par. And I am totally honored that you would come to this blog looking for something to say... I do that with others all the time and often find a good idea. We need to hang out soon. Target reunion?

  7. Well even with nothing to say, that photo at the top is beautiful!

    1. Thank you! It was taken through a car window, but shhhh don't tell.

  8. I'm having the same problem! I only have something to write about today because I found a book link up.