The Life of Bon: Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime

Monday, December 29, 2014

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime

It's been over a week since I have come to this blog, and I have needed the space.  Sometimes I feel like this blog is alive- like it is a living, breathing entity that, like any living creature, requires attention and feeding and love.  But sometimes I don't much feel like feeding my blog.  Or loving my blog.  I kind of feel like starving it, actually.  Sometimes it is overbearing and obnoxious and I just need to take a little break before I kill it, you know?  It's like any good friendship- with a little bit of breathing room it can be healthy and beautiful, but with too much time together it turns toxic.  No?  Struggling too hard for a metaphor?

In any case, it felt good to have some blog space this past week.  So thank you for that.

Let's see, what have I been doing instead of blogging?  A whole lot of nothing.  Well, some might call it nothing.  I call it everything.  Sleeping in and reading books and staying in my jammies all day long.  Family and food and  lots of slobbery baby kisses.  I took bubble baths and played Mario Kart and did a puzzle with my MIL and SIL.  We went bowling, we went out to eat, we went to the movies.  We watched from our warm house as the snow gently covered our neighborhood in its white beauty and then buried ourselves under heavy blankets, grateful to be able to stay inside.

The best part of the break has been having so much time with Greg.  To be completely honest with you, these last few months have kind of beat us up a bit.  We were (and are!) so ecstatic for Greg to get a job at the same school as me, but a high school theater teaching gig is a very time consuming job.  Les Mis auditions, the show he directed, were the second day of school.  They rehearsed every day.  The last month before the show he had rehearsals on Saturdays, too.  By the time Les Mis closed the Monday  before Thanksgiving, Greg was already in the thick of rehearsals for another play, this one a play he will be acting in starting on New Year's Day.  We went from three hour Les Mis rehearsals every day after school to three hour Is He Dead? rehearsals every night.  All that on top of being a first year teacher.

It has taken its toll on us.  We've both been stretched to the max with our new roles.  Our lives did a complete 180 in a matter of months.  It's a good 180, but that doesn't mean that there haven't been some growing pains. All of a sudden we have felt so awfully grown up.  Buying a house and having a child and serious long term commitments will do that to you.  Greg has been busier than he has ever been before.  Some weeks I felt like the only time I saw him was in the faculty room at lunch.

This is not to complain.  We have been blessed beyond reason.  We have great jobs, a beautiful home, and a June Bug who we absolutely could not be crazier about.  But it's ok to be stressed when adjusting to a totally new life, even if the new life is awesome, right?

Which is why this break has been so great for us.  I have tried hard to soak up the moments together.  To be "mindful"- to think about what I'm thinking about.  To be present.  To be aware.  To enjoy this moment right this second.  This moment where Greg is trying to teach Agathe how to bowl.  This moment where we're snuggled on the couch watching Lord of the Rings.  This moment where June just blew out her diaper and now Greg is giving her a bath and giggling and cooing with her.

It has been exactly what I needed.

Life is good.  Hope you are enjoying this moment as much as I am.

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