The Life of Bon: Spelling Bee: High School Style

Monday, December 15, 2014

Spelling Bee: High School Style

Let it be known that I do not think spelling is any indicator of how smart a person is.  I have known lots of very bright people who were also truly awful spellers.  It seems that, more than anything, spelling is an indicator of what type of learner someone is.  Visual learners logically are much more apt to remember what a word looks like than other types of learners.

That being said, I have seen lots and lots of creative spellings from my not- so- visual learners.  Nobody around here is going to win the spelling bee, that's for dang sure! Sometimes I have to stare and stare at a word just to figure out what those young folks are trying to say.  And then when I figure it out I just laugh because wowzers!  That word wasn't even close!  Here are some of my most creative spellings I've seen in the past few weeks.  Can you figure out the word?  (Answers at bottom of post.)













Tradject- tragic
Gratter- greater
Sertiant- certain
Desiell- diesel
Alouth- although
Boarring- boring
Innaproptirate- inappropriate
Gose- goes
Afended- offended
Scafle- scaffold
Jermerl- journal

I will end this post by saying that in fourth grade I missed the word "pyramid" in the second round of the spelling bee, and I cried for hours afterward.  Literally hours.  I had my little fourth grade heart set on winning that spelling bee and making my dad proud.  I am proud to say now, 18 years later, that it has had absolutely no effect on my happiness or success as an adult and my dad was still proud. Phew!

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