The Life of Bon: Sometimes people lose wallets

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sometimes people lose wallets

Yes, I dressed June and I alike.  She'll only let me do that for so long, you know.

This super chic leopard skirt is from Aubrey's shop, Skirts for Macy.  I adore it.  I now have my eye on the blue polka dot dress.   The skirts and dresses are handmade and totally affordable.  (The skirt that June is wearing is priced at $15).  AND Aubrey is offering 20% off to Life of Bon readers with the code BON20 so hurry up and order your baby's skirt for the holidays!

Now, for other important and yet very stressful matters. For how long do you let your wallet be “lost” before you finally surrender and call it gone forever?  Mine’s been missing since last Wednesday.  Every day I lose a little bit of hope that it can still be found.  But I haven’t given up all the way.  Yet.

Let's retrace my steps shall we? Last Wednesday was a work day for me, but I didn’t teach my classes because I had an all day teacher training.  I was in Greg’s car because he had to take my car with the carseat to take June to daycare.  On my way home from the training I stopped at Target.  At Target I bought three 12-packs of Dr. Pepper and one pound of ground beef.  I didn’t bring my whole diaper bag in because it was full of heavy junk I didn’t want to lug around. Instead I brought in only my wallet, my phone, and my keys.  I was alone.

I know I must have used a shopping cart because I had the three 12 packs and there’s no way I could carry those. I'm assuming I put my wallet in the cart as well.  While I was at the store Greg called and said June was hungry and please hurry home.  So I did. I must’ve still had my wallet when I checked out because I was able to pay.

When I got home, I brought in the ground beef but left the soda out in the car for Greg to bring in later.  I put the beef in the fridge and then went upstairs to feed June.  She was chilling with Greg in the bedroom.  I fed her and then we both took a nap on the bed.

That night I couldn’t find my wallet, but I didn't think much of it. I am constantly misplacing things, so I figured it would turn up.  

It didn’t turn up.

By now, nine days later, I have torn apart both cars and the house looking for the wallet.  I have called Target AND stopped by- just to play it extra safe.  No one has seen a turquoise wallet.

I’m tempted at this point to just accept defeat.  Cancel the credit cards, request new insurance cards, get a new license, etc, etc, etc.  BUT here’s the catch.  I check my credit cards every dang day and there hasn’t been a single charge on them.  So that means the wallet couldn’t have been stolen, right?  I mean, wouldn’t any thief use the cards first thing?  And besides my credit cards there is really nothing of value to a stranger in the wallet. (Maybe $7 in cash. Maybe.)  My driver’s license, some stamps, a $25 coupon to the gap.  (And I really do want all of those things back!) If said thief didn't have interest in the credit cards, what would he or she be interested in?

So do I quit and call it a wash- start the process of obtaining an all new everything wallet?  Or do I keep on persisting in a futile search for a vanished wallet?  (And if I do keep looking, WHERE?  What super obvious place am I missing?)

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