The Life of Bon: Testing Testing 1,2,3

Monday, June 15, 2015

Testing Testing 1,2,3

Hello one and all!  This is just a quick check in to let you know that:

1)  I'm alive and well! 
2)  My blog has not been sacrificed to the Sponsorship Lords!  OR HAS IT?
3)  The last day of school was ten days ago.  I'm a free woman!
4)  Since school got out I have been out of town and on the go go go.
5) Right now I am in Cancun with my entire family.  All eight of us siblings + spouses + kids + my mama.  There are 36 of us!  Only person missing is my dad, but I like to think he's watching all of us and laughing at how ridiculous we all are.
6) There has been a horrible storm/ hurricane that kind of cramped our vacation style.  It has rained every day that we've been here and today and yesterday it was raining so hard that it was impossible to go anywhere.  Torrential downpour.  Winds like I've never seen.  Flooding in the street.  Mexico be cray!
5)  I have not been blogging while on vacation.  I did have a few sponsored posts already written and scheduled.  I meant to tell you before I left town that I'd be gone and there would be a few sponsored posts to keep you company but other than that the blog would be quiet.  But I didn't have time to even write that because it was just insane. I'm sorry for abandoning you and not telling you why!
6)  I did plan to blog a little more than I have while here but due to hurricane,  the wifi has been totally out.  I had 40 something emails when I finally got my email to work tonight and for a control freak like me 40 something unresolved emails in an inbox is a vacationers worst nightmare!  But I answered them all!  And now it's 1 am and I am sitting here writing this blog post while all other 35 members of my family sleep because those are the sacrifices you make to have a blog?
7) I will be back "in" to my blog on Wednesday.  And then I shall tell you about 36 Blackburns in Cancun.  And my last day of school.  And my amazing budgeting app.  And we can talk about the Bachelor too.  Those are all things I would really like to do on this blog.  Deal?
8)  Did anyone notice my numbering got seriously out of whack?


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