The Life of Bon: Backyard Makeover

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Backyard Makeover

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A few months ago I wrote about my struggles in my backyard.  I desperately wanted to do something to make the little space our own but I know nothing about gardening, sodding, or backyarding.  I wanted to make our small space into some kind of backyard oasis for all of us.  I asked for some suggestions and you delivered!

The backyard is a work in progress and continues to be, but I am really happy at what we've done so far.  I thought about waiting until everything was done to post pictures, but who knows when the backyard will really be "done", and I like showing the progress of the yard as it happens. 

This is our yard in April:

And this is our yard in June:

Pretty big difference, eh?  It might not look like much, but it was so much work to get the backyard to that state. I have literally spent hours working in the backyard.  Here's all what I had to do:

1.  Weed the garden.
2.  Remove absurd amounts of huge massive rocks from the dirt and carry those rocks upstairs to throw away.
3.  Buy and transport top soil.
4.  Move top soil downstairs (Admittedly, Greg did almost all of that.  Those bags were freaking heavy!)
5.  Lay top soil while simultaneously removing lots more rocks that somehow reproduced in the dirt. 
6.  Buy and transport sod.
7.  Lay sod.
8. Buy and transport pots, dirt for pots, vegetable plants.
9.  Plant plants.
10.  Sweep porch about a bajazillion times.

The hardest part was definitely the sod.  I ordered the sod about a week in advance but because of lots of rain around these parts, it kept getting delayed.  And delayed. And delayed. The day the guy called to tell me that the sod had come in and I could pick it up was a day that Greg was filming a local commercial.  Well, I'd waited so darn long for the sod and I was determined to get it in the ground on our one sunny day in May before another week of rain started up.  So I made the very foolish decision that I could do it without Greg.  I loaded up Junebug and we headed on over to the sod place, got it all loaded up in the trunk and backseat of my little Corolla and drove it home.  

That was just the beginning.  Carrying 15 rolls of sod down my stairs was torture!  Why didn't someone tell me sod was so freaking heavy?  Had I had any idea I definitely would have waited for Greg to help me, but I had that darn burr in my saddle and didn't want to quit until the job was done.  It was physically exhausting work and the next day my arms paid for it, I promise you that.  Part of me was so annoyed at how hard it was, but the other part was so proud of myself for doing it all by myself.  I AM WOMAN!  Or something like that.

The night I laid the sod.  Ignore the crappy self timer.

I am so proud of the work I have done in that stinking yard, especially because I am often doing the yard work after school or after blogging responsibilities.  Most of the time I have absolutely  no energy for it, but never fear, I found something to help boost my energy to do these ridiculous tasks that I give myself during busy, stressful times.  (Someone needs to give me a serious lesson on cutting back.)

V8 V-Fusion + Energy Drink is the perfect drink for when I need that extra, natural boost.  The drink is healthy- offering a combined serving of vegetables and fruit.  The drink tastes like fruit, contains natural energy (No artificial medicinal taste, not an instant pick me up, won't cause a crash later) and has only 50 calories per 8 oz serving.  Boom baby.

I found my V8 V-Fusion + Energy Drink at Wal-mart in the non refrigerated juice aisle.  I bought the blueberry pomegranate, and it is absolutely delicious, but next time I'm trying out the peach mango!  You can find out more about V8 V-Fusion + Energy Drink here or visit their facebook page here.

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