The Life of Bon: Hello. It's me. I was wondering...

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello. It's me. I was wondering...

Testing testing one two three.  Testing.

Anyone there?

Oh hi.

It's been awhile.  Or at least I feel like it's been awhile.  We've been busy over here with jewelry sales and sponsored posts.  These things are huge blessings to our family and we are so grateful.  I am also grateful for days like today where I can write whatever my heart desires.  Thank you for being readers who allow me to do both.

We just rolled back into town from a six day trip to Arizona and back. (Greg's brother and his family live in Phoenix.)  Thanksgiving in Arizona is awesome.  It was high sixties and we only needed a light jacket.  We ate out and saw movies and even went to the zoo.  The zoo!  Anytime we were in the apartment I kept trying to open doors all the time because in Utah you don't get to just leave your door open in November.  Sometimes when I visit Arizona in November I am forced to wonder why anyone lives in Utah in November.  There is a better way to do things, people.

Now we are home.  June traveled well, all things considered.  I mean, don't get me wrong- there was the 45 minute scream for no reason, the spilled soda all down her shirt, and the occasional diaper movement that filled up the car with the burning pungent smell... but nothing we couldn't handle.  I feel like this is as good a time as any to admit that we have made a grave mistake with June.  At some point in her life I allowed her to drink a sip of my diet coke.  I take full responsibility for my actions.  It was so stupid, and now I am forced to suffer the consequences.  I thought she'd just take a sip and then go on to other things.  But no.  She became a baby possessed.  A baby in search of soda pop.  Any soda will do.  If she sees you with a straw she will hunt you down and make your life hell until you share whatever it is that is in that straw!  You haven't seen a baby on a mission until you've seen Junebug try to get someone's soda pop.  That accounts for the 45 minute scream in the car.  So you know.

She did sleep some of the way.  About 45 minutes out of the ten hour trip.  GOOD JOB JUNE!  (Also, does this happen to anyone else?  At home June takes 2-3 hour naps.  In the car we couldn't get her to sleep any more than an hour.)

Here's some pics.  In case you don't believe that we went to Arizona.  These are not beautiful instagram worthy pics nor is the quality too great.  They were all taken with my camera phone because sometimes I just can't be a blogger.

This lion was the coolest part of the zoo.  Just chilling on the hill like a champ like "Yes, I know you all came to see me.  I am as great as you hoped for."

It was our first time meeting our new nephew/ cousin Leo!  At four months old he already weighs almost as much as June.  She's got him on length, but nothing can match his thighs.

We are all now home where I have sent out 6 orders, read 160 pages in Their Eyes Were Watching God, and graded 45 essays.  Now I am writing this blog post.  Our house is a wonderful mess of jewelry + dirty laundry + suitcases + Christmas stuff I pulled up from downstairs.  The working from home thing (blog, jewelry) is proving to be a bit of a challenge as far as keeping the house somewhat orderly.   Working at home is awesome, but having your home become your place of work is not awesome.  You follow?

I'd love tips from anyone else who does a large amount of work at home.  Is there any way to stop the work from taking over your home?  The mess especially?  In a way I feel like my place of refuge and rest has been invaded because now it is my place of work.  I guess my mind likes things compartmentalized.  A location for work.  A location for play.  A location for rest.  Not one location for all three things but I also want to work in my pajamas sometimes IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!

Now I'm going to go because I want to watch the Jazz game (against Golden State- Golden State is undefeated- CAN THE JAZZ BE THE ONES TO GIVE THEM A LOSS?!?) and decorate my tree and hang with my crew for the night.  Thank you for reading my blog and being my friends and for letting me come in and out with this thing as I please.  You all rock.

We're done here, but here's some other internety stuff that might be interesting to you:

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