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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Baby Animal Days with my Baby

The best thing about having a kid is that you get to do all the kid things with your kid that you couldn't do before you had kids.  You still with me?  I always kind of feel like I have an 11 year old boy trapped inside of me so having children means I get to do more of the 11 year old boy things that I always want to do.  There's only so many times a reasonable adult can push to go to an amusement park or the swimming pool or a fair.  But with kids you can go every day!  (Which is probably why I went to the tulip festival three times with June this year!  She never turns me down for a fun time!) Three cheers for kids!

Last weekend June and my mother in law and I went to the baby animal days in Kaysville. (Greg's hometown)  It should be noted that I struck the mother in law jackpot.  Becky is always down for any activity June and I have up our sleeve and there couldn't be a grandma who adores her grandchildren more.  When I decided the night before that I wanted to go (because I saw it on the 10:00 news) I knew Becky would be down to join us.  And she was!  Mother in laws for the win!

The day was a little bit cold and rainy which ended up being perfect because it chased the crowds away.  I love going out on perfect sunny 72 degree days as much as anyone, but the problem is, well, everyone loves it!  So everyone is there!  I'd take a less crowded cloudy day any day of the week.

We got to hold baby chicks and baby rabbits and we got to feed horses and watch little piggies.  It was awesome.  There was even a train ride and a horse ride that came with admission, but waiting in line for more than 10 minutes wasn't going to happen with our wily girl.  (AND WHEN DID SHE GET SO WILY?)  So we pet all the animals, we fed the horses some nice, green grass and called it a day.  And it was perfect!

dem baby chicks with grandma ^^^

cheering for the bunny rabbits ^^^

She was all about the bunny rabbits until I got one on lap and then she totally panicked. ^^^

More panicking ^^^

My favorite part was feeding the horse with her.  She had no fear.  She stuck her hand right in there for him to nibble on him.  We've got an animal lover here, that's for sure.

Baby pigs. ^^^

LOVES her grandma ^^^

She clearly has no idea how these things work.

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