The Life of Bon: Tulip Festival: Three times in a year--- is that enough?

Monday, May 09, 2016

Tulip Festival: Three times in a year--- is that enough?

Because we live within a few miles of Thanksgiving Point in Utah we forked over the big bucks for a season pass.  This means that we get access to the kids' museum, farm country (love those pony rides!) and the best part- TULIP FESTIVAL!  Last year we paid $30 to go to tulip festival alone, so paying $75 for the yearly pass was really a no brainer.

Well obviously I couldn't get enough of dem tulips because June and I went three times to see the tulips this year.  We got some great pictures when Greg, June and I went one quiet evening but that SD card has the mind of Satan and is not allowing me to download the pictures on the computer.  So right now you get the pictures of the tulips with June's cousin and friend.  When my other SD card finally decides to cooperate I will share the pictures of our little family at the tulip festival.  (Strangely enough all of our pictures are with different tulips?)  And if you're thinking, "Listen, Bonnie, I've seen these tulips, I get the idea, I don't need to see more pictures of tulips",  TOO BAD.  I will show you more tulip pictures and you will like it damnit!

(We're preparing for our fourth jewelry market in four weeks.  And we had a huge mother's day sale.  And my students took the AP test last week.  I'm obviously coping with the stress really well!)

P.S.  June was being such a stinker with that ball, freaking out any time the other kids tried to play with it.  When do you teach kids how to share?  And how?  I try to tell her and then it's just melt down city.  But she is seriously the worst little girl at sharing and IT IS EMBARRASSING TO US ALL, JUNE!  Send your suggestions my way!

P.P.S.  While we're talking about weird June things, she is doing this thing lately where she takes her diaper off probably 4-5 times a day.  It's always off when we go to get her in her crib, and often she takes it off and THEN goes pee.  (or worse!)  Does this mean she's ready to potty train?  Or that she's just learning about her body?  Or that she will some day live in a nudist colony?  Tell me your answers, oh wise internet!

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