The Life of Bon: I need some help decorating and YOU are going to help me!

Monday, May 16, 2016

I need some help decorating and YOU are going to help me!

Summer is close.  I can feel it.  The kids can feel it.  We can about dang near taste the thing.  And it tastes real goooood.

I've got two more weeks of teaching and then it's yearbook parties and assemblies and graduation and three months of 90 degree bliss.  I've said it again and again, the best thing about teaching is the summers!

This summer I've got three main goals:

1.  Grow our business
2.  Play with June
3.  Make my house a home!

This post is dedicated to point #3 on that list.  House ----- > Home!  There's a few things that will go into this process.  One is to organize all the crapola in the basement.  The other is to purge ourselves of a lot of stuff.  (See this post.  I want to go through all of our cupboards and closets and get rid of anything that is not either a) useful or b) beautiful).  Annnnnd the last thing is to decorate our home!

Yes, decorate!  We've lived here for two years.  And we are still not fully decorated, furnished, moved in.  But the things is I suck at interior design. (See: lime green walls.)  I get overwhelmed by the enormity of decorating and furnishing a home and then don't do anything.  I also tend to be very cheap and I don't like to spend money.  But we've actually got a little money in our budget (key word: little) so I'm hoping to make some improvements around here. The only room in the house that I consider finished is June's room.  She gets all the good stuff.

This is what I did with June's room a few months after we moved in.  Full post is here.

If you feel like you've seen this picture a lot, you probably have.  It's the only decorating/ homey thing that I have ever done that I am proud of!  So I flaunt the picture nonstop, baby!

This summer I want to work on the master bedroom and our main living/ kitchen area.  I am going for overall clean, white, minimalist feel.  I think?  I feel like every living space in the world right now is white and grays so part of me hesitates... is this style going to go out in five years and then will I be tired of my home?  My mom advised me to try to ignore trends and just go with what my eye has always been naturally attracted to.  So I'm trying really hard to figure that out.  And I think my eye is naturally attracted to whites, grays, blues, and soft yellows.  I like a lot of light.  I don't like dark spaces.  So that's what I'm going with.  (I've also in the past had lots of darks- dark couches, dark headboard, dark cabinets, dark car.  I know for sure I want to steer away from that.)

Naturally, as an interior design idiot, I would like your help.  I'm going to show you some pictures of our current spaces and let you make suggestions.


What I want: A light room free of clutter that makes me feel relaxed.  I also need a room that is convenient to keep clean.  Both Greg and I tend to be on the lazy side when it comes to undressing and going from our bedroom through the bathroom to get to the closet to put away clothes.  It's ten steps too many, and as a result our clothes mostly end up all over the floor by our bed.  I would like drawer space and hampers close to the bed.


  • What do I do with the space above the bed?  It feels awkward to me.  (The ceilings in this room are high and slanted.)
  • There is dead space right when you enter the room.  Not quite big enough for a dresser or desk, but big enough that it feels weird with nothing there.  
  • I want a pretty all white duvet cover that (maybe?) has some kind of design, but not much.  I do like the classic pintuck, but I'm afraid I'd get sick of it quickly and it's not Greg's favorite.  Any suggestions?
  • Matching lamps and nightstands!


What I want: A cohesive room that looks light, relaxing and inviting, but is very functional.  I feel like June's toys are constantly all over the front room- I'd love a way to put them away that doesn't involve stupid baskets all over the place.  The end goal is to have my home be an oasis- a clean, beautiful, relaxing place to be.  (I also want like four more kids, so good luck!)  We definitely have to work around the couches in this room as they are the most comfortable things ever and Greg would never forgive me if I upgraded them to something more sleek and stylish.  When it comes to couches, comfort wins.


  • LONG WALL!!!! Because we are in an attached townhome there is no window, no variety on that weird, long wall.  I have considered adding in shelving but the wall feels so long that even shelves on either side of an entertainment center don't feel like they would quite do it.  And what do I put on the wall?  I have considered three large family pictures in a row but don't want to be family picture overkill.
  • I don't love the way the couch separates the kitchen and living area.  But I don't really know how else to put two couches in that space.  It is kind of an awkward space because it is very long and not very wide.
  • How do you keep your main rooms functional, but still pretty?

Annnnnnnd................ just in case you didn't believe me that I need some serious help, here are the lime green walls I painted in our year of marriage:

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