The Life of Bon: Summer: To bucket list or not to bucket list?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer: To bucket list or not to bucket list?

It is Memorial Day weekend and suddenly I am feeling kind of desperate that we don't have more plans for the summer.  It's upon us!  It's here!  It's breathing down our necks and summer only comes once a year and we have to really live it up, dang it!

Do you guys do summer bucket lists?  I really like the idea of it, but I also have very real FOMO (fear of missing out) so I worry that creating a bucket list and not checking everything off would just make me feel like I was missing out on even more in life?  Part of me thinks that I should allow myself to do nothing this summer and just relax and spend time with my crew and that should be enough.  No need to put all this pressure on myself to say and do everything quintessentially "summer".  What say ye?  Bucket lists- healthy or unhealthy?

Here is what I know I want to do this summer FOR SURE.

1.  GO TO DISNEYLAND.  Check.  We did that last weekend. (And I WILL post about it next week!)  I would love to go back within the year with June in tow.  Maybe January? (before June turns three so I don't have to pay for her!)

2.  Go on a family vacation with Greg and June.  I feel bad that most of mine and Greg's vacations in the last year have been without June.  She is finally getting to the age where she is easier to take and where I think she would enjoy the vacation more.  Now, where to go?  I would love love love to take June to a beach vacation, but I don't know if that is in the financial cards this summer.  My dream would be to go to Maui or Kauai with Greg and June.  Maybe next summer?

My more realistic family vacation goal is to visit a national park.  Any of you have some national park recommendations?  Right now I have my eye on Olympic National Park in Washington.  There are hikes, lava hot springs, and even a lake for fishing and beaching.  We could maybe include a night or two in Seattle and it is close enough that it is driving distance for us.  I also have my eye on Yellowstone and the Redwoods.  Any pro national park-ers out there have suggestions for me?  I am all ears!

3.  Spend some time on a boat!  This is a big goal of mine because growing up I have very special memories of being out on the water.  I love wake boarding and tubing, and just love being on the water and feeling the air in my hair.  Greg and I are not in a financial position to buy a boat this summer, but one of my long term goals for my family is to have a boat and go on frequent trips to the lake.  To me it is the perfect way to spend summer, do something active and fun, and also bond with family.  I want my kids to grow up enjoying doing activities together and boating seems like the perfect way to connect.

Some boating memories from the summer I met Greg.
Also the same summer that other boys stopped unviting me to go on their boats.
How rude!

So while buying a boat definitely isn't in the cards this summer, I still want to rent a boat for a weekend with friends and enjoy some time out on the water.  I have been using this site as a tool to get started-- it has information on local boat rentals and classes and has been a great starting place for me. (I feel like the biggest dummy when trying to plan things like this and always need a safe starting place.)  And when I AM in the market for a budget, this will be where we start.  It helps you find which boat fits your lifestyle and budget.

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May your summer be filled with vacations and lakes and boats!

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