The Life of Bon: Phone flirt

Friday, November 04, 2011

Phone flirt

I consider myself a person who has no problem throwing stuff away.  I am no hoarder.  Movie stubs, pics of old boyfriends, first rose from my first prom, chuck em all.  There's no reason to keep such sentimental crap.

Same goes for my voicemail messages.  Erase them.  Delete them.  Throw them out.  No reason to hang on to any messages of people saying, "Hey, just trying to get a hold of you.  Call me when you can."

There is only one exception.


I've got half a dozen of Hubs' messages saved over time from when we were first dating/courting/engaged.  I just can't bring myself to the messages that are now over a year old.

Yesterday was my three week date with my voicemail.  Meaning I got to listen to all my saved messages again and decide if I had changed my mind in the 21 days since I had last listened to them and wanted to now delete them. (Wow!  A cookie for you if you made it through that mess of a sentence!)

The answer was no.  No, voicemail inbox, I do not want to delete my husband's old messages.

In fact, a couple of them are so gosh darn cute I couldn't help but share them with the world.

Message #1:  Sent August 2, 2010.  Hubs and I had been out only twice at this point:
(Singing at the top of his lungs)  "I want you to want me I need you to need me I’m begging you to beg me..."
oh... hey Bonnie. Greg here.  Calling about volleyball later... seeing if six o'clock works for you.  Anyway I was just blowdrying my hair.  Thought you might have called and I missed it. (I did not call...he was just looking for an excuse to talk to me!)  Give me a call- we’ll talk about it.

Message #2:  Sent December 15, 2010.  Three days before Hubs and I got engaged:
(In a nerdy, nasaly voice) Hey Bonnie.  You don’t know me really well, but I love you.  I know it’s weird and this came out of nowhere, but, yah, I adore you.  I’ve been following you for quite some time now and I think it’s time that maybe we go on a date sometime.  Umm…I’m really nervous.  I’ve never done this before.  If we could just make out sometime that would be great.  You know... my tongue in your mouth.  It’d be great.  I really would love to do that sometime.  I hope this doesn’t sound too intense or weird over the telephone.  Give me a call... or a text... or come see me... or me in a dark alley.  Whatever you want to do.  So yah.  Give me a call sometime.  By the way my name is Greg.  Not Craig.  A lot of people think I say Craig when I say Greg.  I’m kind of lazy with my Gs.  But it’s Greg.  So yah.  Give me a call.  You’re beautiful.

This is my mischievious Hubs.  Can't you just seem him leaving
such flirty, sexy voicemail messages?
And now you know how Hubs wooed me.

 It's no wonder I fell so madly in love with him.


  1. You guys are perfect for each other! Greg is one lucky guy, and love the posts on when you guys were dating. Especially since I was all the way across the county and missed out on all your stories!

  2. That is HILARIOUS!!! sounds like an awesome guy!!!!