The Life of Bon: Weekend Top Ten

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Top Ten

1.  My mom's birthday was Friday, so Friday night I went out to eat with several members of my family to celebrate.  I sat across from my sister in law, Kathryn, and we talked books for almost the entirety of the meal.  That's why it's awesome to be related to smart people.

2.  A week ago I spilled milk in my car and ever since then it has smelled like a goat crawled in the backseat and died.  Friday, I  finally got around to vacuuming and shampooing it out.  Now I can get in my car without having to cover my nose for dear life and that is a blessing I never realized I had until this week. A BLESSING I TELL YOU!

3.  Saturday morning I went to a bridal shower for my cousin, Ashley.  While there, my aunt asked me about my blog and told me that she read it on occasion- you know- when she has nothing better to do.  She then told me that I need an editor because I have been making quite a few grammar mistakes. 

Yes, I teach grammar for a living. 
Yes, I was sufficiently humbled. 

Leave it to your aunt to tell you you are no good at the one thing that you have always thought you were very good at.

4.  While I was at the bridal shower, Hubs donated plasma.  Poor old me, I am ineligible to donate, but good old Hubs still goes in without me.  Someone's got to pay the bills around here!

5.  I received an email back from United airlines in response to a letter I had written two months ago because of bad service (AKA my luggage didn't arrive until I had been in Europe for six days.)  United told me to send them the receipts of anything I had had to buy due to my suitcase's absence.  Oh, United, you fools.  Who is going to keep the receipts from razors and soap and underwear bought at a gross tourist stand?  I am emailing them back tomorrow telling them I demand travel vouchers.  I'll get what I want from that shammy airline or die trying.  DIE TRYING, I TELL YOU!

6.  Sunday night dinner we invited over our friends Cody and Amy for Zuppa Toscana- the main soup that they serve at Olive Garden.  It's Hubs' favorite soup and it is one of the few recipes I have mastered (okay fine, the only recipe!  You happy now? Why do you always have to focus on my inability go cook?)  so we have it about every three days.  If you want to make it yourself, go here.

7.  I went grocery shopping for the first time in three weeks and only spent $75.  Seventy five bones for three weeks' worth of groceries for two people ain't bad folks, IT AIN'T BAD I TELL YOU!

8.  I debuted a bright red lipstick.  I have been wanting to rock the bright red lipstick look for weeks, so finally I just bought some lipstick and decided to go for it.  I wore it out to dinner with my family.  Of course, they did not miss a beat commenting on it.  "Wow.  What's with the lipstick?" my brother asked after about 90 seconds of having seen me.  My mom wanted to know if I was trying out the lipstick for a "blog story."  My other brother then asked me if I intended to wear it all night.  They all stared at me and demanded answers for red lipstick.  I tell you, you try a new shade of lipstick in this family and they are all over you.  ALL OVER YOU! FOR WEARING LIPSTICK!

I'm not going to even bother asking you what you think because I don't handle
negative feedback well.  Also please don't bother telling me if you hate the bright
green walls in my living room.  It was a bad decision and now I must live with
the consequences.
9.  We played two games of Settlers of Cataan.  I lost both games.  Meaning that I have lost the last five games in a row.  If you are wondering how ultra competitive Bon is handling all the losing, the answer is not well.  Not.  Well.

10.  Saturday night I went with Hubs to help him film a bit of a movie.  You see, Hubs is in lots of movies and digital shorts and plays and anything that involves acting.  I get to tag along with him and be an extra.  And let me tell you, I take being an extra very seriously.  VERY SERIOUSLY (If you haven't already noticed I am very into repeating myself lately.  VERY into repeating myself!) I screamed, I yelled, I waved, I put my whole heart and soul in that clip.  I always give it my all.  And yet, somehow I'm always in the background. (When I was in a play in ninth grade my dad told me, "Well you had the smallest role out there and the highest excitement level out there."  Yep!  That's me!)

Now it's back to face five days of school and dozens and dozens of pimply faced teenagers. 

It ain't no job for the weak of heart. 



  1. Whoo hoo! I got mentioned on your blog, and at #1 (yeah, I know it's chronological, shh!). It was a fun dinner, thanks for the planning.

  2. You look great with red lipstick. I say keep rocking it.

  3. I was the brother that said what's with the new lipstick. That's not negative. I thought the lipstick looked good. You rocked it bonnie!