The Life of Bon: Zombie Love

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Zombie Love

I know you've all been dying to know.

So here it is...


Meet the Bride

She's been dead for fifty years

Meet the Groom

He's been dead for fifty years

But they still manage to find time to spend together...

Watch the groom walk on over to his bride... he just can't live with out her you see...

And he even stole a kiss from his beautiful bride (Oh-la-la!)

Meet Groom's brother, Beetlejuice

And Beetlejuice's lover...

They're quite the clan

And occassionally they even allow whales, cowboys, princesses, and dragons to hang out with them.

Happy Halloween! 

I've never seen anyone so excited as when Hubs set to work on our Halloween costumes.
 I do believe he has dreamed his whole life of being a zombie.

"Bon, can we go to Taylor Maid and buy tons of cool makeup to make us look like true zombies?!?!"
Yes, Hubs.
"Bon, should we run over our clothes with my car so that the look more authentic?"
Yes, Hubs.
"Bon, would you like me to paint blood and dirt all over your costume so that it looks as cool as mine?"
Yes, Hubs.
"Bon, isn't this the most awesome looking and scary costume that you've ever seen?"
Yes, Hubs.
"Bon, when we have a baby can we dress it up like a baby zombie?"
Yes, Hubs.

And that's why we married each other, folks!

P.S.  We won the best costume!  The prize was a gift card to the dollar theatre... provided for by Hubs and I.  If you are wondering if it is awkward to announce to all of your guests that you, yourself, have won the costume contest, and you, yourself, will be taking the prize that you, yourself provided,... the answer is yes.
  Yes, it is.