The Life of Bon: So exciting!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So exciting!

I have to tell you something.

It's a secret and it's so exciting!!!!

You know when you discover something that is so dang exciting that you just can't keep it to yourself and you absolutely HAFTA HAFTA tell someone or else you might just EXPLODE from excitement?!?!?!

It's like that.

I just found out something.  It is so good that you likely will not believe me.
Wanna guess? 
Am I excited because...

THE NBA LOCKOUT IS OVER?  Nope.  I broke up with my team, so this news means absolutely nothing to me.  Doesn't phase me in any way.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN IS PREGGO?  Please.  I'm a Khloe and Kim fan.  I couldn't care less what happens to Kourtney.

MITT ROMNEY IS A FRONT RUNNER FOR THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION?  Romney?  Really?  My vote's on Herman Cain.  Easily the most trustworthy candidate.

THAT I MYSELF AM PREGGO?  No.  No.  No.  No.  One more time. No.

Are you just dying of suspense?
Are you finally ready for what the real news is?!?!?

Okay, fine, here it is...........!!!!

There exists something in this world that can do everything you have ever dreamed of.  It is an electronic device, so small you can put it in your pocket, and I kid you not, this thing has no boundaries.  Would you believe me if I said that with one small electronic device I can...

Send spicy messages to Hubs at any time of night or day?
Watch Youtube videos?
Update my blog?
Follow Ellen and Conan on twitter?
Download and read entire books, such as Great Expectations?
Take pictures of myself in my classroom?
Get minute by minute directions to somewhere I need to go? (It's called GPS, and it's opening my eyes to a new world.)
Download and play and music anytime I want?
Play scrabble with my mom? (who has her own said pocket electronic device)
Call my pharmacy and yell at them for not filling my prescription on time? (birth control, you nosey snoops.  You should really stay out of other people's business)
Check an email that my sister has just sent me from Argentina?
Match prices at Wal-mart?
Look up the weather?
Read my scriptures?
Check my calendar to see what I have going on this weekend?
Transfer money out of my checkings account?
Pay my credit card bill?
Look up movie reviews?
Stare at pictures of Hubs when he is gone all day long?
And many many MANY more things!?

I know this is totally uneblieveable, but I promise you, I speak the truth.  This is all possible with one handheld pocket device. 

This thing is called a smartphone.  It is very new and up and coming in our world, so it's likely you don't have one yet.  And you have probably never heard of it.  It's okay, not everybody is as with it and technologically savvy as I am.  But you might want to look into getting one of your own one day.

(Yes, I just got my very first smartphone, and I am LOVING it!  Happy Black Friday to me from mom.  And now, a moment of silence for my ever faithful flip phone. R.I.P. Flipper.  You will be missed.)

And, now, for some very professional, quality pictures taken by me with my incredible smartphone.  Experience a day in the Life of Bon.  (And when I say a day I mostly mean I took some pictures of myself in the morning, and then remembered again and took some at night.  It's all you're getting, people.)

5:55 am.  I ain't happy.  Getting out of bed is the worst part of my day.

7:39 am  Waiting for the little brats to come in so
I can fill their minds with mush.

This shirt was free.  My #1 criteria for clothes.
8:10 am.  I love the way the sunshine streams into my classroom
in the morning.  Makes me feel like all is good and right
in the world.

9:24 pm  This is the ugly collection of pictures on my lime green wall.
Just in case you ever wanted to see this.

10:04 pm.  Done with this post, tired as heck and waiting for
Hubs to come home.


  1. You're welcome. Welcome to the 21st century.

  2. Bopper, remember like 5 years ago at BYU when I got the new blackberry and you were like, "wow, you're so up on the times." No, I wasn't really, I was just a normal human being. You, when it comes to cell phones, are approx 5 yrs behind. Btw, I dis this all from my cell phone. Five years ago I could have done it, too.

  3. Its ok, Bonnie!!! I have not upgraded yet....but I will soon, believe you me!!!