The Life of Bon: Back to BYU

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Back to BYU

WARNING:  THIS POST HAS NO ORGANIZATION WHATSOEVER.  NADA. ZERO.  ZILCH.  If this were one of my student's papers, I would give them a zero for organizaiton and tell them to learn how to organize their thoughts before they insult me with such material again.  You have been warned.  Read at your own risk.

This weekend Hubs and I did a little FBI work.

You see, Hubs belongs to a comedy club at UVU called Laughing Matters.  This weekend, BYU's comedy club, and sorta-kinda-rival, Divine Comedy, was performing.  We decided to head on over, check out the competition, and possibly cause bodily harm to the cast members if we deemed it so necessary.

I wore bright red lipstick to prove a point to those zoobies.  Yes, I may be a BYU alum, but I'm no prude!  I like to stand out in a crowd of righteous smarties, and if red lipstick is the way I have to do it, then so be it.  Believe me, that lipstick was red.  RED AS SIN.

Our "spying" was disappointingly uneventful.  There was nothing for us to get riled up about, and we noticed only one thing that Divine Comedy does better than Laughing Matters.  D.C. had millions upon millions of glowsticks falling from the ceiling. THE CEILING, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Does it get any cooler than that? Hubs and I were sitting front and center, and therefore were being constantly barraged by dozens of glowsticks. I kept about two and then spent the rest of my night chucking the glowsticks to the back of the auditorium. I may have hit some people in the face and that may have been my goal.  Don't judge.

That ended up being the extent of our spying.  Kind of a let down, I know.

While I was on BYU campus, however, I did notice a few other things. 

First things first:  We saw this guy.

In case you don't know who this guy is, he is in essentially every Mormon movie ever made.  He is also the Qwestar spokesman.  He also does not look this good in real life.  He is chubbier and less groomed.  Someone had to say it.  Still, it was exciting to see him because anytime you see someone who is practically famous it is exciting.
Now, for my observations.  Observation #1:
The line for the show was looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong and weaved throughout the entire building.  That's zoobies for you.  Showing up two hours early for a little clean comedy.  There were people camped out all over the place- playing cards, playing guitars, playing each other.  On my way to the bathroom, I saw a boy and girl with their Book of Mormon in Spanish, reading out loud to each other.  I was shocked, confused- didn't know where I was.  What world had I suddenly warped into?  Then I remembered.  I was at BYU.

Observation #2:  They started the show with a prayer.  A PRAYER!  I thought about yelling out, "Excuse me, what about separation of church and state around here?!" and then I remembered that BYU is a church school and they can do whatever they please.

Observation #3  I was shocked that everyone looked so...young.  I no longer felt like I was part of them, but rather that I was an outsider.  I felt like I do when I'm at Copper Hills... that everybody else is a student and that I am a teacher.  I had a fleeting moment of sadness and nostalgia as I watched the college students laugh and flirt and have fun, and realized that this was not a part of my life anymore.  That I did not belong to that group.  BYU is no longer an active part of my life, but rather a piece of my distant past.

Which led to my Observation #4 which is:

Sometimes it is hard to grow up.

Now, before you go feeling too bad for me, let me just tell you that I am about to go pop some popcorn, curl up with Hubs, and watch Kourtney and Kim take New York.  Isn't he the greatest?

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  1. Want an even MORE bizarre BYU experience? Try going back with a child. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I realized a prowling young buck on the hunt for a wife wouldn't even have to check my left hand before marking me as off limits. But then, I saw the stress on their cute little over-studied faces and thought, haha, suckers.