The Life of Bon: Monday Blues

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Blues

Don't mess with me.

I am in a bad mood.

A bad mood, I tell you!

Well, wouldn't you be if you had to come to work when every other person in the whole world and their wife and their dog and their gerbil had the day off?

I'd be okay if I only had to come to work today.  But I have to come to work tomorrow too.  And Wednesday.  And Thursday.  AND FRIDAY.  I have to work all the way until the 23rd of December.  Why did I become a teacher again?  Someone remind me quick before I jump out this second story window.


But seriously.

Last night I had to go to bed at ten while Hubs stayed up and played games with his friends.  And right now my sister is in town visiting for the holidays.  AND my best friend is also in town for the holidays.  Hubs is at this very moment enjoying lunch and a movie with his best friends. 

And what am I doing?

I'm grading papers!

Okay, fine, I'm posting on this blog.

But I'm supposed to be grading papers, and that's the point!  Don't forget the point, people!

Just let me rant and rave and then I'll be done and I'll come to school every day of this week without complaining again.  Well, without complaining out loud, that is.  You can't control what goes on in my head, and don't you even try, you Nazis!

I'm sorry.  This blog is supposed to funny and uplifting.  It's supposed to poke fun of life, and find the beauty in it, not complain about it.

Forgive me.

Please accept the following pictures as my most sincere apology.

I would put the video up, but I promised my mom I wouldn't.

Unfortunately for all of us, I try to keep my promises.

But hopefully these pictures will still give you a Monday boost.  This is my mom and my two aunts performing "Zumba" at our family Christmas party.

Rock on!

The stunned audience.
Yes, the pictures are poor quality, and I know it, but today might not be the best day to bring it to my attention.  So keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you.