The Life of Bon: Winners... and Reproduction

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winners... and Reproduction

Yesterday I told you that my principal had given us some very short advice in our last meeting.

The advice was this:

Don't let our students reproduce in the hallways!

Oh, I got a good laugh out of it, and thought it was my principal's way of telling us that the students were showing too much P.D.A. in between classes and we needed to be better at stopping them.

Pretty clever, Mr. Principal, I'll give you that much.

Today I discovered that my principal had been speaking quite literally.  You see, he received an anonymous email from a very concerned mother claiming that her "Eagle Scout" son had "lost his virginity" in our hallways and it was our fault for not monitoring the halls better.

Well!  I'll be!  To think that those little sneakers have been out having all the fun while I've been stuck in my classroom grading their research papers!  They've got a lot of nerve, those seventeen year olds.  A LOT OF NERVE!



This is me getting the drawing ready.  I wonder if "real" bloggers do their giveaways with handwritten scraps of paper and an old Tupperware.  There's not other way, if you ask me...

AND THE WINNERS ARE..............


Bridgette Wensel!
Marissa Schmutz!


Actually if you want to know the complete truth, the first name I drew was my mom's.  Ironic because I'm the one who signed my mom up to follow my blog, so basically it was like I was winning my own giveaway.  The second name I drew was Amy... also the person who makes the jewelry that is being given away in the drawing.  I figured I better redo the drawing, for certainly everyone would think the thing was rigged!

Your job now is to go to Mia's website, pick out either a necklace or two pairs of earrings (a stud and a dangle) that you like, and you bet your sweet bippy that those will be on their way!

As for the rest of can still get 30% off  Mia's jewelry up until the end of the week.  Visit the website and put lifeofbon in as the coupon code to claim your discount.

And please remember...

Don't reproduce in the hallways!


  1. I literally just screamed! I never win anything! This is the best day of my life (besides my wedding day and my son's birth of course!!)

  2. um and this is Marissa not Colin. That would be weird.

  3. In the hallway at school? There's got to be a merit badge for that.

  4. WOW! I won something out of all those names! SO cool! I love Amy's jewelry and your blog! How awesome is this, thanks so much! I will let you know my picks! :)

  5. I tried to order something off the website but didn't see a place to enter a coupon code. Am I missing something?