The Life of Bon: Hawaii Top Ten

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Hawaii Top Ten

Vacation posts are always tricky.  How do you share about a vacation without seeming like you are bragging your head off or becoming a terrible bore, or a terrible combination of the two?  How do you do it, people?

Well, I still haven't figured out the answer, but I did decide to organize the post into my top ten favorite things about vacationing in Hawaii.  That way there can be some semblance of order?  Ah, who are we trying to kid... it's mostly just a massive picture dump.  Oh, and FYI- we went with Greg's parents and Greg's brother and his wife.  Just in case you're wondering who those other peeps are.


#10 Pearl Harbor.  I've always been fascinated by World War II and America's involvement in it.  The video they show at the beginning of the tour was very well done and interesting, and I was surprised by how totally respectful everyone was at the memorial.  It so important to remember the sacrifices that were made so that we can enjoy this country now.

This is Greg pretending I'm pregnant.  Let's just say he has been a tad baby hungry.

Kylee and I went at 6 am to wait for free tickets for the U.S.S. Arizona.  In the picture below notice Kylee sitting all the way on the right and then notice all the people behind her.  We might be straight up crazy to go that early, but when 6 am is that bright and beautiful, it certainly ain't too hard to roll out of bed.

#9 Polynesian Culture Center and the temple...
We spent our last evening in Hawaii walking the stunning temple grounds and seeing a show at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  When I went to BYU-H all of my friends worked at the PCC; it was weird to be on the other side- just some tourist shelling out $50 to watch the show.

 This is neither the Polynesian Culture Center nor the temple, but it IS the house I lived in six years ago when I went to BYU Hawaii.  So freaking insane to be back.

This is us all trying to get Greg's mom to come be in the picture.

#8 Snorkeling at Haunama Bay and Shark's Cove.  I discovered on this trip that I don't love snorkeling like I used to.  It gives me a major headache because the mask is so freaking tight, but then if I loosen it the salt water gets in and burns my eyeballs to pieces.  Seeing all the colorful fish and all is purty cool, but so not worth the headache.  Any suggestions?

Greg helping his mom snorkel.  He's about as kind and thoughtful as they come.

This is Haunama Bay at 7 am and what Greg calls my "Sleepy Bon" face.  I made everyone go at that hour because the internet said the parking lot would be full if we didn't get there before 7.  It was nowhere close to full.  Oops.

#7 Dole Pineapple plantation Kind of crazy that this made it above the gorgeous snorkeling, but I totally adored the Pineapple Express train ride around the plantation.  It was chill and laid back and there was a hilarious dialogue that explained the pineapple plantation to us while randomly pausing to play Hawaiian songs.  I suppose it was just one of those moments where everything seems totally right in the world.

#6 The Food Half of any vacation is about the food, right?  We had mostly totally delicious food and a little bit not so great food and even a couple of stops at The Cheesecake Factory which was right across the street from our hotel.  You can't say no to a $10 slice of cheesecake, can you?!

We splurged on fresh lobster one night.  Totally worth it!

Pineapple ice cream.  I didn't love it as much as I was supposed to.

Matsomoto's shaved ice.  Not as good as I remember- it could be because I took the suggestion of a 17 year old to get sour green apple flavoring.  Note to self:  Never listen to 17 year olds.

Eggs n Things breakfast: Banana Crepes with coconut syrup- by far my favorite thing I ate in Hawaii.  (Also, notice how happy my pop in law looks in the background... we had to practically force him there because he wanted to go to Denny's!)

... and somehow it's almost midnight and I can't keep my eyes open.  I had every intention of doing the whole vacation in one post, but it looks like you will have to wait until tomorrow for the other half.  I just can't stay awake, my friends!


  1. I just posted about my trip to hawaii today too!! Oahu as well!! Some of my pictures are similar to yours, its funny! Love how you narrated your pictures though!

    xo Lauren
    <a href=">Sincerely Lo</a>

  2. Wow this looks like a blast! And the hat you are wearing in the picture of you with the icecream is so cute! What a fun trip.

  3. Great post. Looks like you did a lot. See my review also on my blog. Pearl Harbor was my favorite
    K at

  4. Hawaii is beautiful! Looks like you're having a wonderful time!


  5. Love it! You're taking me back to my Hawaii vacation days!

  6. and PS how the heck do you manage to be that cute on vacation?? My hair was out of control with the humidity, and my vacation outfits have never been as cute as yours. What the heck Bonnie!

  7. Looks awesome! The house you lived in is adorable. And those crepes, OMG gimme!!

  8. i didn't think the pineapple ice cream was as good as everyone made it sound like it should've been. but you go and you get it anyway cuz that's what you do when you go to oahu right?? and i agree - matsumoto's was delish, but i wouldn't say it was lightyears better than other shaved ice. still - a must when you're there. oh hawaii. i long to go back.

  9. It's your blog, brag if you want to!! I didn't know BYU had a Hawaii campus. We went to the Pineapple plantation and Hanauma Bay when we were in Hawaii 3 years ago. I'm not a snorkeler. I'm scared of fish! Looks like you had a fab time despite a rocky start.

  10. Oh man, the food alone looks AMAZING!


  11. aww i was really enjoying that until i reached the end :( cant wait for part 2! :)

    Leyla xx

  12. So fun!!!! I'm super jealous though! :)


  13. Pretty good top ten! Looks like you have a blast being back. I haven been to the PCC yet but it's definitely on my list!

  14. This brings me back to when we lived in Hawaii! I've been to all those places. I miss it sometimes!

  15. Love it! Went to Oahu in February and can relate to so many things :) thanks for taking me back, I miss it so!

  16. Hawaii looks seriously fab and so do you ;)

  17. Oooookay you asked for help with snorkel masks...Maui-girl-ATTAAAACK!

    Having a mask that seals over or under, not ON your eyebrows is can't have any hair around the seal of the mask, but more than just pulling your stray tresses out, your eyebrow hair can be just as traitorous. Also having a mask appropriate to your face shape can really look to have a cute little round face, so if you try going to a dive shop, swim shop or somewhere else with a good mask selection, ask for a small size, a rounder-fit style, or look through the larger kiddie masks. Don't knock it, it can make all the difference! Though the other child shoppers may look at you funny. ;)

    And you only have to do that once to find what brand/size/style mask is "your mask"....and then you can buy them cheaply on the internet forever, muahahaha! Definitely go in-person that 1st time though, because you can only find the right fit by trying them on...and, hopefully, getting to test it in the sink for watertight-seal before you buy. :P

  18. I lived on Oahu right near Haunama Bay for a few years but I only went snorkeling twice! And it is true that the parking lot fills ups very early in the day so it was worth your effort of getting up early.

    I also did not like the pineapple ice cream as much as I thought I would, but I do love their pineapple floats! They are absolutely delicious!

    And if you have never tried Shimazu Shace Ice, you definitely should next time you are back. I love it way more than Matsumoto's. It is located closer to Waikiki beach and downtown too!

  19. Anonymous5:14 PM

    This makes me want to go back to Hawaii right now. My favorite food was the banana, pineapple pancakes so good, as was the fish tacos. Looks like you had a great trip.

  20. You made this post easy to look at! All the fun colors and bright lighting... totally jealous of your vacation right now!

  21. I have wanted to go to Hawaii for many years and this post has just reinforced that dream

  22. This is the first vacation recap post that didn't make me want to stab my eyes out.

  23. looks soo amazing!!

    i am not a fan of snorkeling either as it makes me incredibly SEASICK! lamest ever!!

    can't wait to hear about the rest tomorrow!

  24. This takes me back to when I went to Hawaii for choir in high school. We went to the same places! The Polynesian Temple, Dole Plantation, Pear Harbor... we even met a Mormon school there and they were so awesome! The day we went to Pearl Harbor, we sang on the Missouri (and got kicked off the Arizona.... that should be a blog post sometime) and it was so amazing. Sigh. I miss Hawaii. And OMG the food. I ate pineapple every single day and I went through withdrawal when I got home.