The Life of Bon: I like tall friends and I cannot lie.

Monday, July 08, 2013

I like tall friends and I cannot lie.


I've said it before and I'll say it again- blogging roundtables is my FAVORITE thing about blogging.  You get to meet people you've only stalked online, you get to talk blog strategy and bounce ideas off of each other, and it's a straight hour of uninterrupted blogging lingo!  After every roundtable I have left feeling so inspired by the energy of the other bloggers.

I am especially stoked for July's roundtable... Anything goes!  Before we've always picked just one topic to concentrate on but I decided that since July is always such a hot mess of a month that we'd make it a hot mess of a roundtable.  Any question you have about blogging is fair game and with all of our heads combined hopefully we'll be able to figure out a thing or two.

Also exciting about this month's blogging roundtable is that the location will be changed.  We have always done it in a public place but it has been hard to find space, wifi, etc.  So, we will be holding July's roundtable in a home in Orem.  A real house!  A house with wifi!  And the best part about being in a house is... FOOD!  Refreshments will be provided so all you've got to do is bring you notebook or your laptop, plop down on the couch, eat some grub and TALK BLOG!

If you are in the Provo area (or anywhere close) come join in!  Bloggers of all degrees/levels/commitments are welcome - the last four months we have had a range and it made for such insightful conversation.  I know it is scary to show up at a blogging thing all by yourself to meet random girls you have only seen online.  But I promise within minutes we're all friends and laughing away.  You won't regret it.   I would have killed for something like this in my first months of blogging.  Even now, it is a very valuable resource to me.

Interested? Jump on board already! $10 reserves your seat.  Email me at asap because spots be flying like flipping pancakes.  I so want to meet you!

Also if you are out of the area, hold on to your butts!  I am in the process of trying to figure out how to do an online roundtable. Stand by.  HOLLER!

In other news, I have a new tall friend.  I am 5'4" so I like to hang out with tall people.  Basically I feel like they can do my bidding for me.  Like if I've got some kind of issue with some meanie all I gotta do is get my tall friend to do it for me.  Right, Kaylee, right?  Kaylee's going to take over the blog from here and give you a hilarious guide of stupid questions she gets about her height.  The woman is over six feet tall!  I was laughing out loud reading her post by myself in the kitchen.  It's that good.  Take it away, Kaylee!

Hello dear readers!

My name is Kaylee, and I'm semi-famous over at with love and heartness.

I'm going to be really upfront and honest with y'all:

The first thing everyone notices about me is my height.

Yes, dear readers, it's true: I am Very Tall.

(I like to make this as pronounced as possible, hence the capitalization of both words.)

shorties everywhere (in a non-degrading way)

To put it mathematically, I am 6'3", or 182.88 cm, if that's more of your game.

And just to ease your worries, I'm going to answer some common questions I receive because I am this tall.

Q: How is the weather up there?
A: It's a bit hotter, but really pretty. I can see more of the sunshine and birds and less of the cracks in the sidewalks and potholes on the road.

Q: Are your parents tall?
A: No. I was genetically modified to cause unease at classmates expense and go through life being clumsy and accident-prone.

universal studios at Disneyworld.

But actually, yes. My mom is 5'10" and my dad 6'4". My little brother is currently beating me at 6'3" 1/2, but I have hopes for another growth spurt. Those happen again after 25, right?

me, brother, mom three years later

Q: Is your boyfriend/fiance/husband tall?
A: YES! And thanks for covering all the bases, but we're still in the engagement phase for now. B is a whole three inches taller than me which means our babies will either be olympic volleyball players, or possibly famous basketball stars. Only time will tell...

Q: Have you ever dated someone shorter than you?
A: Over and over and over again. And then maybe one more time. I think for a period in high school my "boyfriend" was just my height. So I couldn't wear cute heels. Teenage Kaylee is very jealous of mid-twenties Kaylee for getting to finally wear cute shoes!

Q: Can you reach that?
A: Yes.

so it was shorter than usual, but still.

Q: Is is hard to find clothes?
A: Yes. And no. I've been sticking with a few good companies that I know have tall jeans and pants. I've also lucked out in the fact that long shirts/sweaters are in style now, so while girls are wearing shirts like dresses/legging covers, I snatch those up as regular shirts.

in proportion to my two best friends

And the number one, without a doubt, ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE SAID OR THEIR HEAD MIGHT EXPLODE question I get...

"Do you play basketball?"

Sometimes I tell them that I'm a world famous ping pong player.

Sometimes I just say yes to get along with my life.

But the real answer is no. And if I answer no, I get follow ups of "why not!?" "what!?" "the high school coaches must have been all over you to play" and "well that's a shame". But it's really, honestly not a shame. While I do have the charming personality and outgoing spirit in the family, I did not receive the coordination gene.

I tried out for the basketball team in high school  my freshman year, but was so bad during tryouts, the coach asked me not to come back the third day in.

just in case you needed more proof

Luckily, I'm pretty good at this blogging/writing thing, so you should come say hi! I promise if you ask any of the above questions not to get mad- it happens all the time as a tall woman.


  1. YES! Love this! I'm only 5'11" and people ALWAYS ask me if I play basketball! No, I do not! Love this post! And Bonnie, I'm so glad you added a tall friend to your group!



    1. And just like that... we became best friends. Let's talk shoes, ok?

  2. BAH!!!!!! I'm going to be at girl's camp for this roundtable!!! I have no luck. I should be able to come next month with what the timeframe usually is and what my schedule looks like. I'm determined to make it because these sound like a lot of fun!!!

  3. Ha! I love the photo at the water fountain. I lived on the floor with all the women basketball players in college and had to stand on my toes to get a drink! Stand tall, sista!

    1. I used to slouch for a hot second in middle school, but then I joined choir and if I learned ANYTHING in choir, it was how to stand. And sit. It ended up working well in high school because people just thought I was a senior all the time so no one picked on me! I used to hang out with the basketball girls sometimes just to make me feel a little more normal too...

  4. I'm a shorty (5'2) and I always remark on how tall people are to me haha

    1. My best friend is 5'3", so I hear you. We have to pose just right in order for me to not look like a giant or her like a shrimp. We've mastered it quite well!

  5. I'm 6'1 so I'm dealt with the EXACT SAME QUESTIONS over and over, and over and over again. YOU GO FELLOW TALL GIRL! :)

    1. PREACH ON GIRL! I contemplated making a shit that read "Yes, I'm tall" on the front and "No, I don't play basketball" for a few years. I even had it designed and everything... but I'm sure something more fun came up. But seriously. Tall people ONLY play basketball? whaaaaaaaat?

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  7. I am 5'7 and after putting on some high heels, I'm close to 6. I am always the tallest among my friends. It would be nice to have some tall friends.

    1. you should come hang out with me. We'll wear heels together all the time!

  8. If you can do an online roundtable- that would be the greatest thing EVER!

    And as a fellow short girl - I hear ya.

  9. This is genius. As a fellow tall person (5'11), I get all of these questions. Also, I play basketball. So I like that question because I get to talk about myself. Amen.

  10. definitely checking out kaylee's blog, she seems great! :)

    Leyla xx