The Life of Bon: It's someone's birthday...!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's someone's birthday...!

Today is this boy's birthday.  He's turning the big 25 and if that ain't a reason to go buck wild with celebration, I don't know what is anymore!

One of the difficulties of language is that it is sometimes incapable of describing the depths of our emotions.  There are not always words to convey feelings.  How can simple words explain everything this boy means to me?

But I'll try.

Greg is my rock that is always constant and that I can trust with anything, who I know would never lie, would always do what is right.

He is my best friend who jokes and does accents and crazy voices and makes me laugh until my tummy hurts.

He is my teacher who corrects me when I'm acting like a brat who shows me how to treat people you love who is kind and loving even when someone doesn't deserve it who even taught me to love dogs.

He is my support who goes along with any crazy scheme I might have who encourages me to write and blog and teach crazy seventeen year olds and do anything my little heart desires.

He is my playmate who goes fishing with me and takes me to the water park and plays a hundred and one board games with me because he knows I love games.

He is my provider who makes future plans with me who yearns for a house full of babies who sacrifices his own wants and dreams for a stable career field and a family of our own.

He is my lover who scratches my back and tells me I'm beautiful and kisses me softly and promises to grow old with me.

He is my favorite travel partner who bikes around Paris with me and jumps off rocks with me in Mexico and even hikes a waterfall with me in Hawaii.

He is my intellectual partner who analyzes books and movies with me and listens and approves my teaching ideas and shares my passion for Shakespeare.

He is my spiritual giant who shows me what it really means to have a love of God and fellow men, who has the biggest heart of any man I've ever known, who would give the shirt off his back for someone in need.

He is my everything.

Happy Birthday, love!


  1. Happy birthday to your beau! I'm sure he'll love this post when he reads it.

  2. Husbands are the best. I love your post about your husband. Happy birthday, Greg!

    Our Fairy Tale

  3. I really like the phrase "spiritual giant". And I love how happy you two look in your photos! I hope your best friends birthday is just as fun as yours :)

  4. I really like the phrase "spiritual giant". And I love how happy you two look in your photos! I hope your best friends birthday is just as fun as yours :)

  5. Happy Birthday Greg! What a happy, wonderful post! Also, I'm really happy he taught you to love dogs :)

  6. happy birthday Greg! And what a sweet post....

  7. Happy Birthday Greg!! Very sweet post!

  8. Sounds like an awesome guy/hubby! Happy birthday to him!

  9. Such a sweet post! He sounds like he is everything a husband should be and more! Happy birthday! I hope you guys have a wonderful time celebrating!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Greg! This is such a sweet post! I think you did a great job conveying your feelings with words!

  11. What beautiful writing....

    I'm hoping to see my new husband soon, right after he graduates from fiancé x

  12. The sweetest. Happy birthday, Greg!

  13. Happy belated birthday to Greg! Loved this!