The Life of Bon: Some blogs you NEED to be reading.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some blogs you NEED to be reading.

July is an interesting month, isn't it?  It feels like half the world is bored to tears and the other half of the world is backpacking Europe or swimming with dolphins.  In some ways it feels like the bloggy world has been slow.  Like people are so busy with their summer adventures that they don't have time for blogging.  And yet, in some ways I feel like people have more time for reading non-nonsensical blogs than ever.  Hot, lazy afternoons to kill, long nights to read blogs to their heart's content.  And so, I have for you a few blogs you might want to add to your reader.  These are some favorites of mine, all for different reasons.  These women are terrific writers and I believe do an exceptionally good job at portraying who they are on to their blog.  Enjoy reading, and I hope you find some new friends.

(On a side note: I planned one hour for this post and it ended up taking me three because I just kept reading and reading and reading these girls' blogs.  They really are terrific.)


Erica's blog reads almost more like a journal- like she's just opening up her head to me and telling me what's going on in her life.  And I like it that way.  There are so many blogs that I read, but feel like I don't know the writer at all- Erica is the opposite.  She lets it all out, she's got funny, original thoughts, and you leave feeling like you are besties.  She's a fellow high school teacher, so you know she's gotta be totally hip.  My favorite posts are her Lies I tells my students and Lies I tell on facebook.  Basically this girl lies a lot.


Charissa's blog leaves me wanting to be a better person.  Like I should do better at saying I love you and noticing the beauty around me.  Her blog has such a beautiful and inspirational energy, and yet she keeps it amazingly simple.  She takes gorgeous pictures as well as has a crisp, clean design.  I especially loved her post describing her gratitude practice and her thoughts about just picking up and leaving to live a life full of passion.  She is beautiful.


Patricia is an American beauty living the dream in France right now.  I know-  try not to be too jealous.  She writes about her life in France, but she doesn't limit it to just that.  I laughed out loud at her Five Idiots you shouldn't feel obligated to date post . (And on another note, why does dating suck so bad?!?) Also, you know how all bloggers love blog posts about blogging?  Patricia linked all blogging advice posts up in one place for us- over 70 posts!  I have it bookmarked for when I need a little push.  This girl is a total blog package- I seriously adore her.


Jenna blogs from the heart and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, whether it be easy to write or not.  I feel like Jenna is the type of person who you could sit down and have a conversation with and think every three seconds, "Wow, I never thought of it that way!" "I never thought of it that way!"  She is extremely thoughtful in her ideas and her writing.  I loved her post about her baby being a good sleeper, (next time someone asks her if her baby is a good sleeper, she is going to reply, "Are you?") and I especially appreciate her willingness to be open about her struggle with clinical depression.  She has some beautiful posts that will really open your eyes.


Juliette is living the single carefree life on California's sunny shores.  Her blog is upbeat and fun and full of moving pictures that go "ewww" over and over.  (Will someone please explain to me how those even work?)  Instead of writing a list of traits she wants in a man like most women, Juliette wrote a list of things she absolutely can't have in a guy.  Loud chewers made the list!  Sorry, Juliette, I guess we could never be married.  I might just have to steal her most recent post idea of things I'm really really good at- her talents (like falling asleep in random places) are seriously golden!  


  1. Thanks for compiling your list if favorites! I can't wait to check them out!

  2. Aww how gorgeous! Always looking for new blogs to read - better than TV or books in my mind - although blogs turned into books is a nice idea too :O)

    Thanks for sharing (though you are still my favourite) x

  3. Thanks for your kind words Bon! I am a little worried about my lying ways now :)

  4. Jenna is one of my best friends, and the most genuine person! I'm so glad she gets to be spotlighted this month. People should definitely be reading her blog!

  5. Love this! I need to expand my blog connections....

  6. Jenna is my favorite blogger, but then of course, I'm her Dad.