The Life of Bon: Peace, love, and fireworks

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Peace, love, and fireworks

Two fashion posts in a row, by golly, what is going on?  Is this blog out of its freaking mind?

But seriously.  Aren't fashion posts just the weirdest?  Like hmmm... I wore clothes today.  Let's take pictures of the clothes and put them on the public internet so even the people I didn't see that day can see the clothes I wore.  It's weird, admit it.  I am just barely getting to the point where I am even 10% comfortable taking "fashion pictures".  The truth is I have never been great at dressing myself and mostly I just feel like a fraud.

BUT.  I do love dressing for the fourth of July.  I adore it.  Here's the problem.  Blue and red are colors that go fantastic together.  Especially bright red and navy blue.  They are just a stunning combination.  But if I wear them together any other day of the year I look like a giant walking advertisement for America.  So I can't.  Those beautiful colors are strictly forbidden to be worn together except for on one glorious day... THE FOURTH.

Shirt: Forever 21 (similar here), Skirt: Banana Republic (similar here), Necklace: c/o Very Jane, Sunglasses: H&M, Shoes: Target (Similar here)

Greg and I climbed up on that roof and watched those fireworks like it was nobody's business.  That's the kind of people we are.

Now answer me this: Is there anything in this world greater than the fourth of July?

For your weekend reading:

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+ I'm planning on hitting the sponsorship hard in July and August- get my blog some good exposure.  I wrote this last summer about blog sponsorship.  There is so much I could add to it now!
+ I cannot get enough of this sweet blog.  It is totally sincere and totally real.  She makes me want to eat healthy and be kind to others and have a baby.  NOW.  This week, her 6 tips for better instagrams was my favorite. (Not sponsored- I just totally love this blog.)


  1. LOVE that outfit! your so beautiful! I hope that you had a great 4th! but I do have one question...where was Greg's red, white and blue?

  2. I hate getting my picture taken so I rarely have pics of myself on my blog. I am not fashionable though, maybe that's my problem!

  3. I totally rock red, white, and blue on days other than the 4th of July. The key is to have red or blue be an accent color. The outfit I wore on the 4th this year was a navy/white striped shirt, white shorts, red belt, and red wedges. The red is subtle, but works! I also dressed up on the 3rd, because the bf and I went to two parties then. (Everyone does fireworks here on the 3rd because no one has work on the 3th). I wore a white tee, blue shorts, the same red belt, and blue flip-flops. I made the bf wear a coordinating tee so we could get a picture together. :)

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I'm loving your outfit! I also think it would be awesome if you did a follow up to your post about sponsorships. I'm pretty new to the whole sponsorship game and would love any help or advice you could give on the matter!

  5. I slightly disagree, I also love to rock those colors on Memorial day and sometimes even Labor day. It's always good to show some national pride :)

  6. You are so kind!!
    Happy weekend, friend!

  7. Feel sorry for us brits then, as we never have a specific day where it's entirely acceptable to go all red white and blue! Love your outfit though, and I completely agree about feeling like a fraud in fashion posts. But I say we should carry on just the same, because it makes people like me feel a lot more comfortable posting outfits of my own!

    Rachel xx

  8. Love the outfit, great post!
    leyla xx

  9. I completely agree with you about wearing red, white, and blue on other days. You can only wear those colors together once a year.


  10. I like those shoes..............I want those shoes.............