The Life of Bon: Friends in low places

Monday, April 07, 2014

Friends in low places

I left my camera at home so all pictures are taken with my crappy camera phone.  
I'm not happy about it.

Well, folks, I was in Arizona for four glorious days, soaking up the 80 degree weather, hitting the pool every afternoon and getting my daily tennis fix in.  Not to mention that I was hanging out 24/7 with my five best college friends from Wednesday night until Sunday morning.  It was heaven on earth and now all of a sudden I'm home, and today I worked and went grocery shopping, and all of a sudden it's just back to the grind.  Like it never even happened.

When I got home, Greg was running the vacuum and had chicken thawing for dinner.  As it should be!  I sat at the bar stool and told him about my adventures while he grilled me up some chicken pesto, and suddenly I was overwhelmed by how great the people are in my life.  I watched him cook and thought to myself that somewhere along the line I must be doing something right because life is pretty dang good.

I'll catch you all up on the great weekend, but part of the weekend involved staying up way too late multiple nights in a row so I've been fighting sleep all day long.  That means it's early to bed for this preggers camper.

Oh, on a separate note, a student saw me walking down the hall today and yelled out, "It's Mrs. Larsen and she's large and in charge!"  So I guess I can stop wondering if I look pregnant yet.  I do.  I definitely do.  Thank you for that, Steven.

Today I've got Talisha ( and her three adorable children to adore you.  Seriously, look at the dark, luscious curls on those children.  That stuff is gold, I swear.  Talisha recently lost 50 pounds and is inspiring everyone in her wake to get fit.  She's adorable and super relatable and feels just like the girl next door.  I hope you like her as much as I do.

Hello everyone, I am Talisha.

I blog...well not lately but I blog over at Reupena Household.
Yes to answer your question, those are bags under my tired eyes.
What better way to start up blogging again than to do a guest post for one of my favorite bloggers?
I am a mom of boys so hopefully Bonnie and I can arrange for that sweet baby girl of hers to marry one of my boys. 
I need a fun-loving daughter in-law.
No? Too soon?
That may be too soon to think of but time flies so just stick that in your back pocket Bon!!
I am a mother of three crazy, wild boys, a wife to an amazing, aspiring hip-hop artist, a fitness coach, runner, full time employee outside of the home and one of those "We Believe" bloggers.
Our life gets hectic but we always make time for what's most important.
We have a very different life situation and I like to be the example of what NOT to do.
I used to be as big as a house but got tired of breathing heavily and my knees couldn't handle my upper body so I decided to make a change for the better.
I lost over 50 lbs and now I help others start fitness journeys of their own.
 If you're interested in what not to do, check out my blog.
I LOVE new visitors and new friends!


  1. Anonymous3:07 AM

    I wanted to read all of Talisha's links, but none of them work :(

  2. None of the links are working

  3. I checked all the links and they are working from my end and from Talisha's end. I don't know what to say for those of you who can't get them to work :(

  4. Not working for me either! Did we crash her site?

  5. Not working! "Server can't be found"

  6. Not working for me either. Even if I google her blog and try to click on it from the search results I get a DNS Search error. Weird

    1. So sorry, there's something wrong with my domain. It is getting taken care of at the moment. :(

  7. You teenagers love you when they heckle you in public.