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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The stuff of insanity and frenzy.

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Life has been a bit insane this week.

Actually.  Totally insane.

I got home from California Saturday night and ever since it has been a mad dash of run run run RUN.  Sunday we did Easter with Greg's family, Monday was big and important stuff that I can't quite talk about yet, (oh, don't you love it when bloggers are so ultra vague?!), yesterday was more important stuff in addition to the opening of Greg's show Peter Pan.  I haven't gotten to bed before midnight once, I haven't had time to grocery shop, fold laundry, or even paint my nails, oh my!

Add to this that I am back in the teaching saddle.  My student teacher finished up the day before spring break, and here I am gladly taking the reins again. I love teaching. I am so happy to be back. It is thrilling to be in front of the kids again and teach and laugh and joke.

But. My teaching stamina isn't up.  I've been used to a work schedule that consisted of hours of leisurely reading and writing in the teacher's lounge, observing someone else teach, milling about the hallways, and making frequent stops in the main office to make sure the secretaries are all alive and well.  All of a sudden I'm back to the crazy and frantic pace of teaching- preparing lessons for 90 minute class periods, negotiating with students over grades, putting on a constant horse and pony show to try to keep all forty kiddos in a class period engaged.  I feel like it's the first week of school again and I'm totally exhausted.

Oh!  And then there's this. Friday is a writing conference I am trying desperately to get a manuscript together for.  It's Greg's story idea and it's a brilliant plot, I just don't know if my writing does it justice.  Writing is an arduous and tedious process.  I've got about 55,000 words, but the story is nowhere close to finished or edited.  It's a hot mess and right now I don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole.

And where does this little blog fit into this crazy scheme of things?  It doesn't really.  It has gotten totally pushed to the wayside- I'm barely pushing out mediocre posts, stamping publish on them, and then continuing my sprint toward some unknown destination.  Emails are going unanswered in my inbox!  I keep forgetting to Instagram selfies!  Sometimes when big things are going on in my life, I just have to be quiet on the internet.  Let myself figure it out first before I throw it to a pack of internet wolves.  (Wow!  I just called y'all wolves!  How do you feel about that?!?)

I guess I just wanted to thank you for being patient with me while my life gets crazy around me.  It's a good crazy, it's a happy crazy, but it is crazy.  Thanks for continuing to read, for slogging through mediocre posts, waiting for a good one.  Thanks for showing up here day after day.  It means more to me than you know.  And there are more good posts to come.  I promise you that.

Now.  I've got to finish planning a lesson and make some copies.   Here are two other ladies you should be reading in the meantime. (P.S.  I am trying to make my group posts as "readable" as possible.  Please let me know in the comments if the new format of the posts makes you more or less likely to read.  Thanks!)

Blog strengths (according to her):  Blogs consistently, makes friends and connections through blogging

Why I love her: Aubrey is right on the connections thing- she is the queen of quality blog relationships.  She knows everybody!  She is a good friend of mine, (met through blogging!) and she constantly pushes me to get out of my blogging shell and meet more people.  Stop over at her blog to say hi and before you know it, you'll have yourself a lifetime friend.

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Blog strengths (according to her): Finding humor in all situations, sharing things that make her laugh, contributing to the blogging community, having a space of constant joy 

Why I love her: Erica is a fellow high school English teacher so of course, I already feel a kinship with her.  Her posts are high quality- I never get that awful feeling that she just threw some post up without thinking much about it.  She is hilarious and creative and you can tell puts a lot of time and effort into making her blog such a positive place on the internet.

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  1. I definitely do the same thing...and I am on the other end of the teaching relationship! (Hooray grad school!). Life gets crazy and I back away from the Internet. But your blog is great and I definitely will keep coming back for more! Good luck with that manuscript....

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Dying to know what the big and important stuff you can't talk about yet is!!

  3. You are so crazy busy (from the sounds of it!), it's understandable to let blogging slide when other things come up, I think. Good luck at the writing conference, that sounds like fun!

  4. I am the exact same way when I get busy or don't have much motivation. You're in good company!

  5. making friends is hands down my favorite part.

  6. Congrats on the manuscript you put together! Even if you don't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole, the fact that you started that sort of project is admirable. Good luck with it! And thank you for sharing your friends' blogs, I'm always looking for new reads.

  7. So this is why you haven't answered my emails in weeks... I see how it is....

  8. Thanks for having me as a sponsor this month! I hope things can settle down a little. I am afraid I am experiencing the calm before the storm that is the end of the year. I am blissfully pretending that it is a million days away.