The Life of Bon: I like your bum bum bum

Monday, April 14, 2014

I like your bum bum bum

Let's do a poll, shall we?

What is the household product you have to replace the most in your home? Is it...

A. Dish soap
B. Laundry Detergent
C. Toilet Paper
D. Trash bags
E. Shampoo

If you said C., toilet paper, well then you are in good company.  We run out of toilet paper every week, I swear.  I restock it and next thing I know, we're out again.  I've accused Greg before of being too liberal with his tp use, but he swears he only uses a moderate amount.  We just go through it quick.  (Also, you didn't know you were going to get to know all about the bathroom habits of Greg and me today did you?  What can I say? It's your lucky day!)

Before I married Greg I always just bought the cheapest, crappiest (no pun intended) toilet paper I could find.  But then Greg cued me into a few things.  Turns out there's kind of a trick here.  If you buy higher quality toilet paper a couple of things will inevitably happen...  1.  It will not longer hurt your bum to wipe and 2.  The paper lasts longer meaning that you don't have to restock it as often.  There is this beautiful little gem called double ply toilet paper which means you don't need nearly as much!

Introducing Cottonelle Clean Care.  It's the best thing for your bum ever.  Don't worry, below you will find some totally normal pictures of me hugging toilet paper in my kitchen.  You do that too, right?

Even our dog likes it!  (Maverick ate an entire Cadbury Cream Egg today and his little bum has been going pretty much nonstop since.  So yes, a dog can very much so like toilet paper.  Also, who says I'm not ready for a baby?)

Lately I've been into not only the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper, but the flushable cleansing cloths as well.  Basically there's a dry toilet paper and a wet toilet paper for ALL your toilet paper needs.  We leave nothing out!  The cleansing cloths are awesome because they just leaving you feeling so much fresher and cleaner.  If you haven't tried them, you really need to.  It's going to change everything you thought you knew about going to the bathroom.  (I also take the cleansing cloths around with me in my purse- they are the most versatile things ever and good for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING... also, they break up after flushing, are alcohol free and sewer and septic safe.)  CLICK HERE FOR COUPON.

Also, because it is so awesome and slightly strange I also have to tell you that a British lady named Cherry traveled all over North America to talk about bums.  Click here to watch it.  This has officially been my weirdest and most awesome post ever.

Thank you to Cottonelle for sponsoring this post today, and to you who read my sponsored posts and help support this blog.  GRAZI!


  1. Ahhh Cherry is a bit of a treasure here in the UK, She makes great documentaries about being pregnants, family dynamics, parent styles etc... who knew she was also into bums!

  2. Your dog is so cute!!!! Especially tucked in beside a mountain of tp!

  3. Bonnie. You are awesome. That picture of Maverick is so cute.

  4. Hahaha, I love this post. I think the one thing we replace the most all the time is toilet paper and lunch baggies.

  5. Don't know why you don't stock pile the stuff, We Do. Don't know if you have Kmart in your area but here in TN we do and they have a special on this awesome TP for 5.47 and if you are a rewards member and buy 3 you get $3 off! Also If you are a couponer then it will be even cheaper!!!

  6. I am a strict baby wipe user only, and my hiney loves me for it! HAHA.. but seriously i cant go without them, everyone that knows me well enough to know that and tries it out is completely hooked now too. im so preshhhh ;)

  7. When my girls were little and money was tight I had to buy the cheapest toilet paper I could find, then the stores started getting their own brand of 2 ply toilet paper in and I switched to that and even though the girls are all out on their own I still use it because it is cheap and soft and strong. It is as good as the dear ones.

  8. great job on your post! we are part of the same campaign this go around :)

  9. Leave it to you to make a TP post so entertaining. ;) Cottonelle rocks. I buy the TP and the wet wipes myself. Seriously, I will never understand why people settle for 1-ply. Get the good stuff and you don't have to use as much!