The Life of Bon: Let's Plant a Garden

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Let's Plant a Garden

This is her "get this dog away from me" look. 

Hello blog readers.

It's been sponsor city around here the past week so I figured it was time to check in and let you all know that there is a real life Bonnie here behind all these posts.  Sponsored content for blogs is so weird.  It comes all at once.  This winter I couldn't pay to do a campaign  and then all of a sudden I have a flood of opportunities.  I hate having multiple sponsored posts in a row, but I also don't feel like I am in a position to say no to great opportunities and extra income for my family after we have had such a drought.  I guess when it rains it pours?

I should let you know that there will be a few more sponsored posts coming up in the next week.(Including a post for this product.  Yes, I have sold my soul to blogging is the only way I can explain it).  I have long given up in the idea of balance for this blog, but maybe if you read long enough all the posts will kinda sorta balance each other out?  I make no promises.  Either way, I feel very grateful to have these opportunities and to do sponsored campaigns.  It helps me to be able to stay home part time and so I thank you for reading my blog and supporting me when I have three sponsored posts in a row.  Getting paid to write from home is a dream for me.  THANK YOU.

In other news, I went a little wild today trying to find some garden plants for my backyard.  It started this morning when I made some phone calls about purchasing sod.  The plan was to lay the sod this afternoon when Greg got home from work.  I reminded him six bajillion times because I had a feeling that putting grass in our backyard wasn't going to be of the same obsessive importance to him as it was to me. (And I was right, just for the record.)  I figured I'd call a few places this morning to figure out pricing, how we get the grass, etc.  Turns out you have to schedule your sod pick up in advance.  WHAT IS THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN WHERE YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO BUY GRASS?  I am a sod virgin so I had no idea that this sort of thing requires planning and forethought was overall just super bummed when the guy said the earliest time we could get the sod would be in a week.  My afternoon working in the yard plans were totally ruined.

Sometimes when I have something on my mind I just won't quit.  My mom is the same way.  My dad used to say when she got this way that she had a "burr under her saddle" or some other idiom that no one uses anymore today.  Basically we just can't quit until what we want is done and finished.  I settled on waiting a week for the grass, but decided to get a hard start on my little patio garden.  I called my mom to ask her how she did her grow boxes and she said silly Bonnie you can't do grow boxes on cement, you'll have to plant your vegetables in pots.  Obviously I know nothing about planting things.  I'm a first timer over here!

I headed down to my mom's so she could help me and give me a few gardening tips.  She was generous enough to offer me two of her old pots (one pot even already had a tomato plant in it!) and she even had a bag of soil in her garage that she gave me.  (My mom has a huge garage in which she seriously stores ALL OF THE THINGS.  50 pack of toilet paper?  Check.  Easter baskets, Christmas tree, and fireworks?  Check check check.  Twelve thousand dollars worth of gold bars?  CHECK!)  (That last one was a joke.)
(Or was it?)

 At that point June was spent and ready for her nap so I figured I had achieved enough for the day.  I came home to put her down and Greg had just gotten home from work.  Lucky me!  June went to sleep and with Greg home to watch her, I was off on more gardening adventures.  I checked the little nursery close to my home, but when the price for a plastic pot was $69.99 I was out of there real quick.  I wanted to buy all my pots, all my plants, and all my soil in one quick trip.  To Wal-mart it was.

I love nothing about Wal-mart, for the record, except for their low prices.  Unless I go first thing Monday morning I avoid Wal-mart at all costs.  But when plants and soil and pots are two or three times as much at the local nursery, you just kind of have to buck up and go in to Wal-mart.  Or buck up and pay two or three times more.  You can't have it both ways, people!  The service at Wal-mart was about what I expected- the cashier in the gardening section played on her phone and knew not one answer to my questions.  As I was wrestling with clay pots trying to find the price tag, a lady came up to me and asked me to help her find hydrangeas.  I was like, lady we've got the blind leading the blind here.

By the time I was done at Wally's I spent $100 on dirt and pots so that I can have give of my own little vegetable plants.  Whoever said planting a garden is a good way to save money is a straight up liar, but I am hoping that my little plants at least yield something so it's not a true and total waste.  If it is, I might have to come raid your garden... You won't mind will you?

My hands are antsy to get those plants planted outside, so I am going to sign off here.  If any of you have had success with vegetable gardening in plants, I welcome your suggestions.  I have five pots- two tomato plants, two pepper plants, and a squash.  I wanted to plant some onion but that plant looked way too confusing to me.  I'm a first time gardener, I gotta ease in slowly, you know?

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