The Life of Bon: An Explosion of Necklaces and Such

Monday, November 09, 2015

An Explosion of Necklaces and Such

Well, guys, my house looks like a jewelry bomb went off inside of it.  There are bracelets on the kitchen table, necklaces on the night stand, earrings in the bathtub.  We've been slaving away all weekend to get a bunch of necklaces made, pictures taken, listings up on etsy, etc, etc, etc.  We're trying to push hard in time for Christmas because rumor on the street is people buy stuff around Christmas time?  Yah, I don't get it either.

Wanna see what we've been working on?  Fine, if you insist!  Also, one day I'm going to write a post on what it's like to make jewelry and sell it on etsy.  It's kind of this fascinating little sub universe that I had no idea about.

VERTICAL BIRTHSTONE NECKLACES.  Might be my current fave.
These are 18 inch necklaces.  If you want one that hits mid torso, order the "Add Extra Chain" as well (an extra $5) and we'll get you a 30 inch bad boy.  I love them long and short. They come in all the birthstone colors + black + yellow + gray + gold + silver.

I'm wearing December here (turquoise).

HORIZONTAL NECKLACES.  Same concept, different shape. Again, all the birthstone colors + a couple of extra colors for kicks and giggles.

I'm wearing July here. (Ruby)

I like jewelry on my wrist because then I get to look at how pretty it is every day instead of other people looking at how pretty it is.  Same colors as above.  You can choose your bracelet length- 6.5", 7", or 7.5"

 March bracelet (aquamarine)

August (mint peridot), December (turquoise), and November (topaz).


All new items are ON SALE the first days of listing.  Necklaces will be regularly prices at $28 but they are $23 on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Bracelets are regularly priced at $22 and are $18 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

AND because we're doing a huge push before Christmas, if you share this blog post on your facebook or share about us in a post on instagram (@heyjuneshop) we will send you a coupon code for an extra $5 off your order.  Yes, we're practically giving this stuff away, but it's what you gotta do when you're getting started... gotta get that audience hooked, you know?  Email me after you share us on social media at and I'll zip you over the coupon code.  You guys are so great.  Thanks for all your support and love and good juju you send over to my family.  I feel it every day.

And now, to bed! To bed! To bed I said!

(Also, we're not done... we have birthstone earrings, baby bracelets, and more stud earrings before the week is out.  Phew!)

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