The Life of Bon: Sick dayzzzzz

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sick dayzzzzz

Hello blog.

I'm checking in here because it's been awhile.  We have been sick sick sick in our house. June started throwing up Saturday night/ Sunday morning. I made the mistake of letting her in the bed and cuddling all night long with her in between bouts of puking.  She had a rough Sunday but Monday seemed to be on the mend. I woke up this morning sick sick. So much throw up and... otherness... I know I shouldn't have cuddled with sick baby all night long but what's a mom to do?

Greg's been taking care of me and June today but then a few hours ago he starated to feel sick too. Same stomach bug. So we're basically quarantining ourselves in our home until we're all healthy.

Obviously this hasn't allowed me a lot of energy for blogging. Just now (6 pm) did I have the energy to move from my bed to the couch. Little victories. I do have four sponsored posts scheduled in the next week (including a post for this company that has had me do several posts for them.  Should I think that's weird?) and that might be all you see of me until we're back on our feet here. I apologize but know that as soon as we're all healthy and well and caught up on mandatory posts there will be lots of my good old regular posts coming your way. Thanks so much for reading this blog and supporting the companies that support my blog.  You all rock and I feel so grateful to have this blog and you who read it.

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