The Life of Bon: How would I live without June?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How would I live without June?

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 I've always been a little clueless on the subject of life insurance.  In the past I've had this totally erroneous philosophy that if I don't think about the possibilities of needing life insurance I magically will never need it.  Well obviously that's a horrible and very unsafe philosophy.  The problem for me has always been not that I don't think that we need life insurance and that it's important, but that I've been too overwhelmed trying to figure it out.  It's always something I put off for another day. But I am clueless no longer!  Protective Life is the way to go for understanding the basics of life insurance and how to get started.  I am happy to say that both Greg and I have life insurance policies and now we are working on getting a policy for little June bug.  It is one of the most horribly sad things to think about, but ignoring it doesn't mean that possibility will go away.

How would I live without June?

Who would tear down the books immediately after I have put them all back?

Who would let giant stinkers at the worst possible time?

Would would accompany her dad on all their grocery shopping trips together? (One of the best things about Greg not working right now is that he does ALL the grocery shopping.  Groceries are my least favorite chore in the world so I am more than happy to pass this off to him.)

Who would spill cheerios all over the backseat?

Who would play with our dog?

Who would giggle nonstop at the silliest things?

Who would organize my tampons and pads for me?

Who would cuddle up to me and wrap her little legs around me when I'm feeling sad?

Who would come visit me at school and entertain all the students before taking off down the hall to find her own adventures?

 Who would make me so excited to come home from work so I can play and cuddle with her?

Who would make sugar cookies with me?

Who would make every family vacation more fun?

And WHO, oh WHO would unload the dishwasher for me?!

Visit here and here to learn more about how you can protect you and your family with Protective Life Insurance.  This post was written as a spin off of the video that Holderness family made entitled "Why I Can't Live without You."  The video is fun and light hearted, but still talks about the importance of making sure you and your loved ones are protected.  You can see the video here.  (Per the video:  We realize this video in a way does poke fun at what a spouse does but they focus on sharing the workload as a couple. We don't want the posts to come off as derogatory in any way. We want these posts to seem fun and light. This is a delicate matter and we don't want to offend anyone.)

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