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Thursday, November 26, 2015

I know you love tv.

Listen.  I know you love tv.  Greg and I love tv too.  There's no shame in it.   My favorite time of day is when all the work is done--- the students are taught, the blog posts are written, the jewelry is made, the bug is in bed... and we get to RELAX.  Nothing beats that hour before bed when we snuggle up and watch our favorite show.  Spooning + good tv never gets old, you know?

What show are we watching right now?  Why this one of course!  My cousin and her husband have been telling us for months that we need to watch this and we finally dived in about a month ago.  Reviews so far... we love it!  (We're only half way through the first season so PLEASE no spoilers!)

Things I like about The Blacklist:

- Raymond Reddington makes for the perfect anti-hero.  You don't want to root for him, but then somehow you are.  James Spader as "Red" is amazing- such a unique character.  I feel uncomfortable almost the entire time I am watching him.
- I am so conflicted about Liz and Tom's relationship!  Where we are watching now the FBI just finished their thorough investigation of Tom and found him to be innocent.  But Red keeps insisting that Liz shouldn't trust Tom.  WHO TO TRUST?!?!  Oh, the agony kills my little heart.  I am hoping we get more background info on their relationship because I feel like I just gotta have that before I can tell if he's playing us all for fools.
- Every episode ends with a hook.  IT KILLS ME!  It's 11:00 and I gotta go to bed but then the last two minutes of the episode convince me that I just have to watch one more.  Word to the wise- start watching earlier in the night.
- Is Red Liz's dad or what?!?

While we love diving into our favorite shows at night, lately I've been too tired to even watch tv on the... well on the tv.  We almost always end up watching our favorite shows on the laptop in bed.  NBC TVE allows you to watch your favorite NBC shows from the convenience of your laptop.  Perfect for our bedtime Black List watching or any time we are away from home.  (Like right now... we are in Arizona for the holidays and you know we've got our laptop so we can still watch Blacklist before bed.)

NBC TVE allows you to catch up on full episodes online or even stream live TV.  And you can binge this fall's new shows - no TV provider required.

Oh, and if drama isn't your thing, may I suggest this other favorite show of ours... We never miss a week.

Thank you to NBC  for sponsoring today’s post 
and inspiring me to try NBC TVEverywhere.

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