The Life of Bon: Best of Bon

Best of Bon

Some favorites to get you started:

Baby-sitting Gone Bad:  Greg's attempt to cure my baby hunger with a giant teddy bear
Dad: Written on the two year anniversary of my dad's death.
Greg's first wife: We don't always agree on how often we talk about his first wife.
The Day I Stole UnderwearThe story of depantzing (or de-underwear-ing) a mannequin.
Lessons at the Gyno: A yearly check up to my gyno leads to some interesting introspection.
The Art of Kissing: What my students teach me about kissing.
Twilight: What I don't understandA rant against Twilight.
A Baby or a Dog: The story of how we became pregnant.
Our First Year of Marriage: The Truth:  What people never tell you about your first year of marriage
To My Student: Adieu:  A goodbye letter to some of my favorite students of all time
Kids These Days?  It's easy to teach kids these days.  The hard part is the parents.
Ugly Babies: I examine the very real and very scary possibility of having an ugly baby.
To People Who Complain about Sponsors:  Trying to explain the reasoning behind sponsors and why you should support them.
Why do Blogs Suck? Reasons I might stop reading a blog.
It's a... Our gender announcement and all my hopes and dreams for our little girl
Dating Horror Stories:  I dated a lot of losers before I met my knight in shining armor.  Read up!
Let's Celebrate: The beauty of celebrating life's accomplishments.  
To grieve:  A post about the hard and arduous process of grieving
The Green Eyed Monster: Revisted:  Because sometimes we all feel jealous
A Home is just a home:  Letting go of a family cabin and memories of my dad
To be married:  What it really means to be married. The good, the bad, the ugly.
Truths:  Things that are not easy to say.  The truths about me.
FAQs:  People be asking me questions night and day!  Here's the answers.
The 411 on Mormons:  I'm a Mormon and people ask a lot of questions about Mormons.  Here's the simplest, most straightforward explanation of the religion I can offer.