The Life of Bon: A little F to the A to the Q.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A little F to the A to the Q.

I've decided it's high time I answer some Frequently Asked Questions around here!  People have been sending me emails high and low, night and day wanting to know all about the true Life of Bon!  I just can't keep up with the emails any more, they come so fast and so furious!  I shall have to do a FAQ post!

In reality I think one person asked me maybe maybe one or two of these questions.  But come on.  Let a girl dream.


I'm a dashing young woman and I'm looking for my very own Hubs.  Any suggestions? 
Yep. Don't be boring.

Of course there are other strategies like threatening to hurt him if he doesn't hang out with you, taking him to meet your family the week you meet him, or shoving your face right in front of his until he finally kisses you.  Those tactics all worked for me, but I make no guarantees, ladies!

Do your students all have crushes on you?
I don't know.  I've never asked them.  The girls sometimes want to know where I bought my wedges and the boys always complain because I make them participate in literary discussions... so if those count as crushes, then yes.  They all have crushes.

I like your new blog design!  Who did it?
Moi!  Deidre has always done my blog design for me, and I have definitely been the worst to work with ever.  We go back and forth for about four days before I can even choose a header that I like.  About 48 hours after it all goes up I usually decide I don't like any of my design decisions.  I then sit and wonder how long I have to wait before it is appropriate to ask Deidre to do my blog design again for me.  So last night I took matters into my own hands and figured out how to do my own header all by myself.  It's a start!  My cousin so kindly told me that my old design was like Wal-mart and my new design is like Super Target.  So basically my design decisions are improving, but not by much.

Do you ever worry that your students will read what you write on your blog?
No.  The thing is I think my students probably get more than enough of my ramblings at school.  If they want to go home and see more of me, then go ahead, hop on my blog, kiddos!  But I'm guessing most of them like to forget they know me when at all possible.

What's it like being a "repressed very young Mormon wife"?
This quote came from good old gomi, which I am not linking because I don't like my readers to contribute to the traffic of such a nasty site.  But in short, it feels totally great.  I take "very young" as a compliment seeing I'm hitting 27 in June and am starting to feel like my uterus is rusting.  I think it's pretty obvious that I'm fine being called a Mormon.  I admit the wife gig can be tough, but only when Hubs represses me by making me watch horribly written shows like Vampire Diaries.  Those are undoubtedly my darkest wife days.

Speaking of, how did you feel when you got your very real "get off my internets" page?
I was offended because everyone knows that there is no such word as internets.  How dare they link an English teacher to a site with poor grammar?

I hear you read a lot of books.  What are some that totally suck?
Twilight, Moby Dick, Huck Finn, Ender's Game.  (I used to only mildly dislike Ender's Game but now that I have taught it three years in a row I can say with assurety that I hate it.)  For Banned Book Club this month we read a graphic novel, Watchmen, and Mr. Shields is going to shun me for saying this, but I totally hated it.  Sooooo not my style.

I once wrote a whole post about crappy books and that can be found here.  Of course you can find some of my faves here and here.  Or join my book club here.  (We're reading Great Gatsby in April.  You're gonna wanna join in!)

Does your family read your blog?
Some do, some don't.  Strangely enough I have a bunch of boy cousins who are always telling me they read my blog regularly, and I gotta admit, it makes me feel pretty damn good!  (Braithwaites, I'm talking about you!)  My mom never misses a post, even though I'm sure she wishes she had sometimes.  My sister in Germany is the best about reading and commenting, but it's hard to know if she's being super supportive of my dreams or if she is just homesick out of her mind. Either way, I'll take it!  I'm pretty sure my other sis with five kids never reads, but who can blame the woman?  She's got five kids!

Would you suggest I get a blog?
Yes, if you are a narcissist.  But unless you are wholly and completely in love with yourself, you ain't gonna hack blogland. You must love talking about yourself and looking at pictures of yourself endlessly. You must then love sharing that with the entire world so they can tell you how awesome, beautiful and witty you are.  Except for when they tell you that you are not awesome, beautiful, or witty.  But then again that would probably be good for a narcissist to hear too, don't you think?

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  1. ha! love the "repressed mormon wife." It doesn't get better based on denomination. Sean's family likes to ask us as Baptist how my "submit to your headship" deal is going. pssht.

  2. Bon, you are fantastic. Just one more reason I love this little place called Bloggy Land, narcissism and all. ;-)

  3. Ha! This is great. "yes. they all have crushes"
    Thanks for the FAQ! :)

  4. I love this.. well, I pretty much love all of your posts. And your damned wit.

  5. I like the rant about being narcissistic followed immediately by a shameless plug for further narcissism i.e. following you on Twitter and Instagram. Hahaha.

  6. And a cousin-in-law or two! ;-)

  7. Yours is one my favorite wordy blogs to read. You make me laugh often. And for my superintendent asked if he could check out my blog sometime. Nerve-racking.

  8. As always, such a fun read.
    If you are dying for a design revamp but don't want to bother Deidre, hit me up ;)
    I may or may be doing them for absolutely completely somewhat all the way free for a limited time only as I try to build my itty bitty portfolio.
    For serious though, just shoot me a message.


  9. Hey girl!
    Stopping by from Because Shanna Said So. Your guest post was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing :D

    Looking forward to lots more!


  10. You crack me up. I love your writing!

  11. Fiiiinally! Someone else that hates ender's game! (Can you believe out of that whole post, that's the topic I choose to comment on?!)

  12. I would totally agree that Twilight sucked. Sorry, I'm just not into that "love" for the Cullens.

  13. fun post! loved all your answers and being a narcissist definitely helps in blogland :) following you on twitter now too!

  14. LOL, you are hilarious!! I just saw u on Shanna's blog and dropped in here to say hi! No need to say that I am the new follower and will be back soon!:-)
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog
    PS. Loved ur tips on how to 'hack in the blog world'! I gtota go, practice my poses!!

  15. Okay, I'm totally your newest follower. You are my kind of people, girl! (And yes, me being a fellow Language Arts teacher means that I can sneakily break some grammar rules!)

    To be honest, I'm scared to death that my students might discover my blog since I mention teaching all the time (although I never name students by name). And because I am a little worried that some of my students do have little crushes on me, it makes me doubly terrified.

    And I laughed when you said how much you hated Enders Game--my students are reading sci-fi now, and I "highly recommended" that book solely because my husband likes it so much.

    I know, I know--recommending a book you haven't read is one of the blackest forms of dishonesty as an English teacher. I should be hanged.

  16. As always, you crack me up!

    And YES to Twilight sucking. Who ever gave that woman a book deal needs to be fired. Along with 50 shades.

    1. 50 shades isn't the best "writing", but it's effective, nonetheless. ;)

  17. I can no longer visit your blog if you are talking trash about Vampire Diaries. (I'm being sarcastic in case people start hating on me!) It has some serious eye-candy...Stefan and Damon! Who cares about the writing? I just want to make-out with both of them!

  18. Please don't yell at me, but how does the book club thing work? Have y'all already started for April? I was just thinking I'd love to reread The Great Gatsby. :)

  19. Freak!!! Ender's Game is one of my favorite books ever. You must be a very repressed Mormon wife to not agree with me.

  20. Loved this post : )

  21. I love that hubs watches Vampire Diaries.

  22. oh my gosh the part about blogging cracked me up! and thank you for thinking twilight off to read your favs list :)