The Life of Bon: Over reaction?

Friday, October 07, 2011

Over reaction?

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I'm not afraid of the parents.  Bring em on.  In fact, if anything, I like meeting the parents and having a good chit-chat with them.  It's always fascinating to see the people who spawned the riff raff who occupy my classroom on a day to day basis.  Plus, it's my chance to rat them out. 

Oh yes, Kacee is very smart, but he comes late every single day after lunch and that has got to stop

I've already had to move Rebecca's seat three times because she won't stop talking.  She doesn't shut up!

I think Chase could be passing the class if he would do something, but he comes to class every day and just sits there.  He never participates in anything.

Is Carl sleeping enough at home? Because he sleeps through my whole class on a consistent basis!

Laura is brilliant, she answers all the questions in the participation and I can tell she knows the material.  She just doesn't hand the assignments in, and that's a problem.

HA!  Take that, kids!  Your teacher is a-striking back!  I'll teach you to misbehave in my class again- I'll tattle tale on you! 

And that is why parent teacher conferences rock my world.


  1. Is this story for real? I don't believe you.

  2. Bon bon, that's crazy! I'm super leninent on late assignments, if they get it in before the end of the quarter I'll give them 50%. Reason? Doing it at all, or ever, is better than never doing it. I also think it helps them learn the material, even if it's late. However, Spanish builds, English probably goes from one thing to another so if they don't do something than it doesn't affect there future work in Enlgish, whereas it does for Spanish. Also, I wouldn't have graduated college if my teachers didn't let me hand in late work.

  3. Yeah, I just finished Parent teacher conferences. What a crazy week.