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Friday, October 14, 2011

Sex appeal

Hubs is upset with me because I haven't been posting enough about him lately.

This was discovered last night when I asked him what he thought of the day's blog post.  He replied, "I don't want to talk to about it." 

Hmmm... strange.  He'll always discuss my writing with me.  And he's always overly complimentary about it, too.  It's part of the job of Hubs.

"Come on! Talk about it with me!  Why didn't you like it?"
"It's just not up to par."  And then he avoided my gaze and started cleaning the dishes. 
Hmmm... Definitely strange.

"Yah... but what exactly wasn't up to par about it?"  I don't back off easily.  "Ending not conclusive enough?  Comedic timing off?  Too many details?"
"No, no.... all that stuff was fine.  It was just... (mumble, mumble)
"I'm sorry what was that?"
"I didn't like the... (mumble, mumble)
"Hubs!  I can't hear a word you're saying!" 
"I just didn't like that the post was about another guy.  There."

Oh... so that's what this is all about. 

Hubs is jealous.

He went on, "I mean, what if people think that that elder guy you posted about is Hubs?  You weren't very clear about it.  And why are you posting about another guy anyway?"

"It was just a funny story from my past.  And anybody who reads that article would know that Hubs and Elder Welch are two completely different people.  I am madly in love with Hubs.  Elder Welch used to annoy me in the MTC four years ago.  Big difference."

"Still..." Hubs replied, "I think you're losing your audience."
"Because I went three days without posting about Hubs?"
"So you think people read my blog so they can read about you."
"I am the sex appeal."

I laughed, good and hard. "Alright, sir, if you want to be the sex appeal in my blog, your wish is my command!"  I gave him a peck on the lips and immediately started scheming.

"And I don't want this showing up on tomorrow's blog post!"  Hubs ordered me.  Which is exactly why it is my post today.  I am very disobedient at heart.

Okay, get ready for some sex appeal, people.  Here we go!
(Mom, you might want to stop reading at this point)

Take a good look, ladies!  The definition of sex appeal!  Feast your eyes out!  Lust away to your heart's desire!  (Er...actually...don't lust too much... he is a married man, afterall... and I get jealous too...)

This picture was taken one Saturday afternoon after playing volleyball.  Which explains why he is shirtless  (It's the only way I will allow him to play with me!  It's a distraction for the other team and some eye candy for me- genius plan, admit it.)  Contrary to what it may appear in the picture, Hubs is not foaming at the mouth.  It's just whip cream.

But just look at that six pack!  That inny belly button!  Those cherry lips! That energy-moving-special-powers bracelet on his left wrist!

Hubs is right.  He is definitely the sex appeal around here. 

I mean, truly, who could resist such a man?

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