The Life of Bon: A weekend of miracles

Monday, October 03, 2011

A weekend of miracles

Twas a weekend of miracles.

It started on my drive home from work Friday afternoon when Hubs called to say he had bought a new TV.  Our old TV hasn't been working since we moved from our haunted apartment to our new apartment (one day I'll inform you all of the details of the first apartment we lived in, but just know now that it was definitely and undoubtedly haunted).  I tried to blame the broken tv on the ghost.  Hubs said that most likely I broke the cable while disconnecting the TV, and I probably should let him handle things of that nature from here on out.  I agreed.  I've got no problem sticking to my gender specific roles.  That is man's work, and I'll just get back into the kitchen and make some chocolate chip cookies, thank you.  We have considered buying a new TV, but since we don't typically have hundreds of dollars on hand to buy things of such nature, we have just settled with our TV without cable.   Naturally, when Hubs called me on my way home from school and informed me he had bought a new TV, I was worried about exactly when and where he had stolen the money from. 
"No, no, Bon!  It was cheap!  It only cost me $11.69"
 "What kind of a TV only costs $11.69?" I was skeptical. 
"UVU was having a surplus sale, and all TVs were on sale for $20 so I just bought it!"
"Ok...that still doesn't explain why it was $11.69"
"Yah... I think the girl rang it up wrong or something.  I didn't really understand what was going on."

I wasn't expecting much out of this so called "TV" considering it was bought for less money than it takes me to drive to work every day, but lo and behold, the TV works perfectly!  It's an old clunker, none of that plasma, HD, flat screen crap that's going on now days, just a super regular TV.  But it works, and we got it just in the nick of time to watch conference.  A conference miracle, if you will.  All for $11.69

Miracle #2 came when CrazyA called and informed that she had some tickets to the BYU football game that night and did I want to go?  I know nothing about BYU football (except for the fact that Hubs unknowingly offended the quarter back Jake Heaps) nor do I care.  My history with football is this:  I feinged interest for a brief time when I was a freshman at the Y.  My then-boyfriend was a football freak and so I followed him to the game and pretended like I enjoyed the sport.  That lasted about a game and a half until I could no longer pull off my stellar acting job and admitted that I was bored and miserable.  We came to a sort-of-half-compromise where I would go to the games with him, but he had to allow me to sneak treats in and bring a crossword book.  I soon wisened up, broke up with the boy, and never again was dumb enough to buy an all sports pass.  I have spent my fall Saturdays since doing anything but watching four hours of football.

ANYWAY... I reluctantly agreed to go to the game, mostly because I didn't want to disappoint my friends and Hubs was busy performing Othello.  (I'd already seen it three times, and there's only so many times you can watch a man smother his wife with a pillow, afterall)  The miracle wasn't that BYU somehow won in the last 15 seconds of the game, but rather, that for the first time of my life I enjoyed the whole game!  I consider football a far less superior to basketball or volleyball or baseball, so the fact that I sat through the whole game (okay most of the game, I took some breaks) and enjoyed it might just be a turning point in my life.  Perhaps this shall be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with football?

Miracle #3 and the most miraculous miracle of all happened late last night.  Othello closed Saturday night, meaning that Hubs is a free man when it comes to his facial hair.  And he shaved his moustache!  Now don't get me wrong, I love a good moustache just as much as any other woman out there, but it was time for this one to go.  It was sexy, yes, it was adorable, yes, but it had lived its life.  (When Hubs spoke in church about the importance of work he referred to his moustache, saying "This moustache in and of itself was alot of hard work and dedication and focus."  Which is true.  It took almost two months to grow it out.)  It sure made Hubs look dashing in his 1940s Othello suits, but the hairs were starting to come down over his lips and into his mouth.  It was getting harder and harder to kiss him without tasting facial hair.  Now he's clean shaven and I can kiss his smooth lips all I want. 

Look at that skinny boy and that beautiful moustache!
I wanted Hubs to take a pic with me last night before we shaved it.  I was sitting on the bed and said, "Come here lets take a picture,"  Hubs answered, "No.  Not on the bed.  I refuse."  "Why?" I questioned.  "People will think things," he replied in complete sincerity. I would love to know what goes on in that head of his.
And a little close up for you, just in case the other two pictures weren't enough!
(P.S.  Not a miracle, by any means, but something of note:  We went to my mom's house for Sunday conference. Somehow the blog got brought up and my mom snappily replied, "Oh, by the way, Bonnie, I do read your blog so you can stop swearing in it and then saying "Sorry mom, but you never read this."  Dang it.  Guess I can't use that joke anymore.)