The Life of Bon: Jazz time

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jazz time

Saturday afternoon Hubs was at rehearsal and I was deepled immersed in an all-out wall painting session (more on that tomorrow, but my walls may or may not be green anymore!) when my brother in law texted. 

"Bonnie.  We have four tickets to tonight's Jazz game.  If you and Greg can go and you don't mind taking Eli and Davy and sitting in the rafters, the tickets are yours."

Well, now, who can say no to a free Jazz game with their two adorable nephews?

I spent the the next thirty minutes deep in texting conversation with Hubs trying to figure out a way to make it work.  Hubs was at rehearsal until six, the game started at seven, and it was snowing.  It was already 4:30.  We should have passed the offer up, but I am the queen of realistic time expectations, so I was determined we could make it work.  I deserted the halfway painted living room, dashed to the grocery store to buy din din for tomorrow, sped to my sister's to pick up the boys, raced to the school to take Hubs car to fill it up, and Voila!  I was ready to pick up Hubs not a minute too late. 

Fine.  I was ten minutes late, but why do you always harrass me about that?

Davy, 8, and Eli, 10, were great company while I was driving around like a chicken with its head cut off. As soon as Davy got in the car he noticed the music I was listening to, and then asked in complete seriousness, "Have you heard of the song I am Sexy?" I racked my brain. "Um... I know the song I'm Sexy and I know it." Davy stared at me blankly. I sung the song for him. He continued to stare at me blankly. Then he replied, "No, it's not that one. It's a good song, though. Listen to it."

Well! I never thought I'd live to see the day where my 8 year old demanded I listen to I am Sexy. Kids these days!

I left my camera in the car, and thus did not get any good pics at the game.  These
were taken at Legoland and they'll have to do for you to see how handsome Davy and Eli are.
With Hubs finally in the car, we were on our way.  Hubs orders on the way up to my nephews:  "No falling asleep!  We're partying all night long!  Can you handle it?"  Of course the boys yelled from the backseat "YES!!!"  (And no, they did not.  They both fell asleep on the way home.)

After looking in vain for a parking spot for 20+ minutes, (I refused to let us park in $10 parking, much to Hubs' chagrin) and trudging several blocks through the snow, we finally arrived at the good old Delta Center...Er... Energy Solutions Arena.  We found our seats a few rows from the top (those Junior Jazz tickets, they're certainly not doing you any big favors) and settled in just as the first quarter was ending.

"Bonnie, can we go get our hot dog and drink?" the boys begged as soon as they sat down.  "You bet."  was my answer.  That is always my answer to my nephews

Aunt tips 101:  The quickest route to becoming the favorite aunt is answering "You bet" to everything asked of you..  You'll be surprised how effective it is.

The Junior Jazz tickets that were bestowed upon us all came with a free hot dog and drink.  Naturally, we climbed back down those stairs and redeemed our free hot dogs and soon as the first quarter ended.  The boys were quiet.

Minutes later, with the hotdogs well on their way to being digested and halftime fast approaching, the boys asked me, "Can we go buy some treats?"

"You bet."  I replied.  Both of the boys had been given ten bucks by my sister to buy whatever their little hearts desired.  And really, who was I to stop them from buying ridiculously overpriced packs of candy?
Their hearts desired cotton candy.  And Swedish fish.
"How much you pay for that back of cotton candy?" I questioned Davy.
"Six dollars" he replied happily, chowing down on his sugar.  I guess getting ripped off is all relative.

End of the third quarter, I was riveted by the game and heard two little boys, "Bonnie, are we allowed to go buy more treats?" 
"You bet.  You do with that money whatever you want, I'm not in charge of it."  Hubs gave me a look that said, "I am worried what you will allow our children to do," but I waved it off.  Everything was under control.

My nephews were off, only to return several minutes later with a jumbo bag of kettle corn and a giant tub of popcorn.

Poorly taken, but you get the idea.
The boys uttered not a peep, but were completely well behaved throughout the rest of the game. Everytime I looked over, the two were just chowing down, intently watching those Jazz players.  And when I looked at Hubs, he was doing the same, actively eating his popcorn and not taking his eyes off the game. 

That's when I realized the key to boys.  All they really need to make them happy in this life is a lot of food and a good basketball game.


  1. LOL. Love this! And that food + sports = occupied boys. I'll store this equation up for future necessity. :))


  2. as a favorite aunt myself i can totally agree with the whole "you bet" being the right answer to every request!!

    so easy and so very effective!

  3. I love taking advantage of free stuff! Last night, had free tickets to a hockey game, ANSI don't even usually like hockey! But since it was free it was fun :)

  4. (ps: sorry for the strange auto-spellcheck!)