The Life of Bon: Royal blue is the new lime green

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Royal blue is the new lime green

When we first moved in, it was this:

Then it evolved into this:

And now it is this:

I couldn't take the lime green anymore.  I just couldn't.  After week after week of mexican casa style living, I broke down.  The walls had to be changed before I sold all of our belongings, dyed my skin brown, and headed for the Southern border.

And I was getting migraines.  Daily.

The pillows on my couch are lime green and royal blue, and because I had already exhausted the lime green possibility for wall colors, I decided I would now have to paint my walls royal blue.  You might wonder why I bought my decorative pillows before deciding on the colors of the walls instead of after.

That, my friends, is a good question.  It is also a question I cannot answer.

In any case, I decided royal blue was the winner of the new color of my walls.  And so, in true remodeling passion, I grabbed CrazyA and headed on over to the experts at Wal-mart.

And, by golly, can you guess who was manning the paint station at Wal-mart?

You guessed it.  Carlos.  Carlos, the man who told me to go with something more neutral, Carlos, the man who reluctantly mixed the ugly shade of green for me, Carlos, the man who so accurately predicted the lime green walls would give me a blaring headache.

"Carlos!  Do you remember me?" I demanded.

Carlos gave me a blank stare.  Obviously the answer was no. 

This was the point where CrazyA jumped in, "SHE painted her walls bright green, and YOU told her that she shouldn't do it because it would give her a headache, but SHE didn't listen to you.  Now WE are here to repaint the walls because they really do make HER sick."  Yep.  Amy threw me right under the bus, just like that.  I smiled sheepishly at Carlos.  Afterall, what could a poor girl say to defend herself?

After much deliberation and many questions that Carlos couldn't quite answer, we decided on our paint.  While Carlos was mixing, the lady waiting in line wanted to know why we were painting our walls.  Naturally, CrazyA whipped out a picture of my lime green walls.  "These are the walls of her apartment now.  Obviously, we have to change it."

The lady stared at the picture and then opened her mouth.  "Ew,"  she commented.  And walked away.  LITERALLY walked away.

Sheesh!  People these days!  Has anyone in the world ever heard of a little thing called manners?

In any case, Carlos successfully hooked us up with some blue paint, the walls were successfully painted, and now I am successfully and forever rid of my lime green curse!  Halle-freakin-lujah.  How about a little congratulations for me around here?

P.S.  If you miss the lime green walls, I still have some extra green paint.  I could send it your way...


  1. So cute! Love the blue wall! :)

  2. I like the blue wall! I can see how those green walls would give you a serious headache. I agree - what happened to people's manners??

  3. Haha love how it turned out! The lime green is very bright and happy, but I can see how it might start giving you headaches after awhile!


  4. i think i like the blue better too. the green would get old fast.

  5. I definitely like the blue more! I once had my bedroom lime green, and it gave me headaches too, ugh. So eventually painted it blue instead.. Muuucch better!

  6. I think it looks SMASHING!

  7. yep the blue looks way good! i like it with the black couches a lot better.

    tagged ya in a little post today, you should totes check it out!

  8. that is really funny. it's crazy how much the paint color can change the whole room. which can work for the good and the bad I guess in your case. : ) I like the blue!

  9. p.s. your comment on my blog today made my night. : ) thanks!

  10. Okay, so in case you haven't noticed, I feel the need to slowly creep down your page reading every post.
    I must say that... the blue wall definitely kicks the lime green wall's butt. Seriously.