The Life of Bon: Wishes and Kisses

Monday, January 09, 2012

Wishes and Kisses

Last night we spent the evening at my mom's for a little birthday party.

Whose birthday you ask?

Baby Debra, Reed, Amber, Mindy, Becky.

That's we do things in the Blackburn family.  Even birthdays come in bulk.

The best part of the birthday event was the birthday wishes.  Every time it's someone's birthday in our family we go around the circle and everyone says one good thing about the birthday boy/girl. 

The best wishes came from my nephews.  Naturally.

Ben, age 12, went first.  "I like Reed and Amber because... well they play a lot of games with me.  And I like games.  I like to play games alot.  Because, like, my dad, he never plays games with me.  Even though I ask him to, like, all the time."  Mind you, Ben's dad was there for the whole thing.  He seemed only mildly offended that Ben had thrown him under the bus like that.

Eli, age 10, went next.  Apparently he had learned a trick or two from his older brother, Ben.  "I like Reed and Amber because one time they came over and baby-sat us and it was a lot of fun.  We did stuff that we don't get to do with other babysitters.  Like when Ben babysits, he is really bossy.  And mean."  Ben just laughed.  Sly little devil, he's probably just proud of himself for training his brother so well.

The night ended with cake and ice cream.  Ricky, age 4, came running up the stairs, and when he noticed everyone was eating cake but him he pleaded "I want cake..." and then in his next breath, "I NEEEEEEEEEED cake!"  Say what you will, kids understand this life a lot more than we think.

And now, for the best part of all.  Christmas Eve my family all acted out the nativity.  I was with Hubs' family, but heard the story of  four year old Ricky playing Joseph and how he laid a long, fat one on four year old Emily, playing Mary.  This morning, I finally got to see the pictures of the kissing cousins and their notorious act. 

It doesn't get much better than this, people.

Kids these days.

They sure know what they want.