The Life of Bon: School's out for Sssssssummer!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

School's out for Sssssssummer!

This is Chris Blackburn.  He refers to himself as the "Dinosaur King".
He comes in my classroom at least every day wondering if I have soda cans to recycle.
Often he quotes Avatar for a classroom of students bored of grammar lessons.
Boy, I'm gonna miss him.

No more classes
No more books
No more teachers students
Dirty looks

When the principal rings the bell
Flip him off and run like....

Today was graduation, and with that I am a free woman for three months.

Summer Plans:
Sleep in
Stay up late
Go camping
Play volleyball
Play tennis
Hang poolside
Get a tan
Read books that are purely entertaining and not at all educational
Paint my fingernails
Flirt with Hubs
Eat popsicles

Care to join?

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  1. Congrats on being done with the school year! I'm hoping by the time the next year starts that I will have a teaching job of my own!

  2. Yay for summer! I'm so jealous!
    I wanna swap buttons for June if you still have a spot!!

  3. so excited! i'm still in school, but whatever.
    can i play volleyball with you??
    volleyball is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. wish we could hang out by the pool!!! :)

  5. Yay!! Congrats!! I originally started out school with the intentions of becoming a teacher, and summer vacation was definitely on of the perks I know I missed when I went a different route. Enjoy summer for me, yes?

  6. You made it! Here comes summer!!

  7. Ahhh!! People keep asking if I'm sad to leave my job. I think I might be sad this fall, but the last days of school are so taxing! Every kid wanting special treatment and exceptions on their grades. . . ug. I'm so very close to checking out and saying good bye Bingham! Oh its a great feeling.

  8. Sooo jealous! I swear all my friends are teachers and summer time is always the worst for me because I see them "partying" it up.. staying up late watching movies on a week night, inviting us over forgetting "we have work" tomorrow, going on week or month long vacas being MIA and no need to say when they will be back because they have three months... soooo jealous! Esp of my friend who is also married to a teacher so they are the ones that really party it up and peace out of town for months at a time! Dont rub it in our faces too much this summer ;)

  9. Visiting your blog from the Neesby's lookbook. Your story about your dad was a tear jerker. I loss my dad almost 16 yrs ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

    You have a cute little blog. I hope you have an awesome summer break.

  10. enjoy your summer girl!

  11. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Just read your post from the Neesby Lookbook. I lost my dad almost 12 years ago. A very touching story. Thanks for sharing.

  12. yeah for summer break!!!! today is my last day of school and I can't wait!!!