The Life of Bon: Up to the date and a date to the up say what?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Up to the date and a date to the up say what?

+The above picture serves only to remind me how much I love Harry Potter and dressing up for movie premieres.  A part of me died when all the Harry Potter books and movies have been released and I had no more Harry Potter madness to look forward to.  But what an era, huh?

+ Greg really hates pranks and I just absolutely adore them.  Before we married he made me promise I would never do any pranks on him.  I've really missed doing some good old fashioned pranks since I've been married but I told Greg one day we will have children and those children will be half me and full of spit fire and spunk and together we will prank you to our heart's delight.  He is speechless.  Who wouldn't be?

+ I am one hundred percent loving the new place that Greg and I live.  We have been lived two and a half years and this is the fourth place we've lived.  First we lived in a haunted apartment in a terrible neighborhood for 6 months, then a crappy teeny tiny apartment for 12 months and then my mom's basement for 12 months.  Now we live in a beautiful spacious apartment and freak, I'd say we've earned it!  All I want to do is clean it.  Is that weird or what?  It's just that the carpet makes such beautiful lines when I vacuum and it is so warm and clean and inviting.  I don't even want to go anywhere, I just want to chill in my apartment ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  Also I got some sick Halloween decorations.  Freak, with my own place all decked out and a puppy sleeping at my side I'd dare say I feel like a grown up!

+ I am also one hundred percent loving "No Sponsor October."  It's not really "No sponsor" as I had a paid post the first week of the month and will have three coming up in the next couple weeks.  But still, it has felt so good and so needed to cut back on the sponsored posts and giveaways and just focus on the writing.  I love when I think about my post each day I don't have to think about what is "scheduled" to go up, what commitment I have to fulfill, what I have promised someone I will do for the post that day.  Instead I can write whatever I want.  FREEDOM!!!  After this little "experiment" for October I will be cutting down on my sponsorship offers quite a bit, just don't quite know how yet.  Blogging is a constant balancing act, is it not?

+ I so appreciated your comments on yesterday's post.  The longer I live the more I realize that there are so many good people in the world.  Everywhere you go, everywhere you turn, people are good.

+ Some people are still bad.  Like the lady who hit into my car 2 months ago.  I didn't file a police report because I'm a moron and didn't know I was supposed to.  She acted real nice though and gave me her number and told me to get a quote for the damages and she'd pay it.  I got the quote- 1100 big ones.  Ouch.  Guess who hasn't been answering my phone calls or texts ever since I gave her the quote?  Ah, people.

+ In spite of the above mentioned incident, I maintain my belief that people are good.

+ Greg and I teach the class of ten year olds at my church.  They are hilarious.  I tell you what, these kids can give my high schoolers a run for their money on the crazy stuff that comes flying out of their mouths.

In a getting to know you game,
Question: "What is something you are looking forward to in your future?"
Answer: "Owning a gun"

Question: "What is your favorite thing to do?"
Answer: "Eat candy."

Question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Answer:  "An astronaut or a professional basketball player" (because there are so many similarities)

Also, on Sunday one of the kids came into the class, sat down in his chair and looked around eagerly for everyone to pay attention to him.  He had gotten a new hair cut and looked very clean cut in his Sunday best.  He sat for a few minutes before anxiously interrupting, "Hey!  Does anyone notice anything different about me?!?"

+ That being said, my students aren't going to give up their rein as ridiculous quoters on my blog easily.  A couple of days ago we were talking about metaphors.  "An example, an example- I want an example people!"  Max raised his hand and with all the confidence in the world shouted, "It's when you ask does a bear poop in the woods?"  I laughed until I was blue in the face and then answered, "No, but your answer made my day."  Where does this stuff come from?

+ This dog stuff is harder than I thought.  I tried to take Maverick for a walk today and he couldn't figure out what the freak was going on with the leash.  I practically had to drag him and then when he did start to walk he was so close to my feet that I kept tripping all over him.  I guess I assumed that just came naturally for pups.  You're telling me I gotta teach a dog how to walk?  Come on!  Also we clipped his nails too short and one started bleeding which completely freaked me out.  Also he cries all night long.  Pup, it's night time!  The glorious time where nothing is expected of us but to lie for hours and hours in a bed.  Go to sleep!  Both Friday and Saturday night he slept "through the night" (I do realize how ridiculous I sound.  I know he's not a kid.  Or is he?) but then last night he was at it again, crying and whining every two hours.  Someone help me.  I have tried hard to keep him up at night but as soon as it's seven o'clock he wants to pass out.  His circadium rhythm is miserable off (the only thing I remember from 10th grade biology.)

+On Saturday I went to an AP Conference at East High School  Can you say High School Musical anyone?  I was pretty desperate to go to this conference even though missing out on 8 beautiful hours of a fall Saturday felt like a crime.  I learned a lot, but not as much as I wanted to and I suppose hard things are just hard.  I do feel confidence, though, in my ability to get these eight students to pass the test.  Lots of things he said we should be doing with our class I am already doing so that always makes someone feel good.

+ Saturday night Greg and I went with his parents to see Captain Phillips.  Amazing movie.  Tom Hanks is the freaking man.  His performance, especially the last ten minutes of the movie, is breathtaking.  We also saw Gravity this week which I only kind of liked.  Too much hype going in which was met with mostly lots of banging around and dizzying special effects and a plot that was just too slow.  Also there were only two characters in the whole show, and freak, I need more people than that in my life- even if it is just a movie.

+ Only two more days of school until fall break.  Teachers might be underpaid, but we are over vacationed, and I'm certainly never going to complain about that.  Any time I wonder if I should have entered a different field I remember that I teach 180 days a year.  BOO YAH!


  1. Yeah, as it turns out, you have to teach dogs pretty much everything. Including, but not limited to, how to walk with a leash. Welcome to puppy parenthood!

  2. For the pup have you tried putting something like a quiet ticking clock in/near his bed/crate? It reminds him of the sound of his momma's heart beating, and can be very calming. You may also want to try filling an old sock with rice and heating it in the microwave for a few seconds. Then place the sock in the bed/crate with the little guy. It's nice and warm, and perfect for snuggling (unless your pup is a chewer, then no rice sock... You may wake up to find a hole in said sock and rice all over).

  3. Try putting a ticking clock and a warm water bottle in your puppy's kennel. They have a hard time getting used to being away from their mana's heartbeat and warm litter mates. You've probably researched it, but there's my two cents!

    As always, your blog is my absolute fave... Love!!

  4. I just realized my comment is almost identical to the one above mine. I promise I didn't read hers and just copy it! I didn't see it before I commented... :/

  5. Some tips for ya:
    1. Routine. Dogs love feeling balanced and know whats coming.(feeding time,walks,etc)
    2. Rewarding only when its something he worked to get. It's human nature to want to sooth a dog when he whines or begs. But once you do he thinks whining is exactly what you want. Like Cesar millan says. Be assertive. ;)
    3. Walks are super important. Especially as a puppy. Puppies are hyper little devils and need that energy released. Or else they release it by chewing, whining, barking, or being straight up crazy.
    Good luck with puppy parenting. It's lots of work but usually fun. :)

  6. Oh don't worry, our puppy has started crying at night because it's cold and he wants to snuggle with us rather than sleep in his kennel. But the first little while, he was up every two or three hours. luckily, he rarely wakes me up. My turn is when I have babies, right?

  7. Just wanted to say hey, and that I love your blog. I've been reading for a while now but i'm the worst commenter there is ;) I like that you're chilling out on the sponsor stuff, and are happier doing so...I realize that sponsorships are important to some people/blogs but when it comes down to it, if you're doing what you love, and it's a hobby and fun to you, it doesn't NEED to be a job! You go girl :)
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the posts about your classes and students. Keep 'em comin!
    One question though- and totally hypothetical, but I think about it...what would you do if one of your students discovered your blog? Or maybe they have??
    You are an amazing teacher and person...they are so lucky to have you in their lives, I hope you know that!!

  8. Anonymous12:27 AM

    About the puppy. Don't break down and comfort him in the night. After a week or two, he will get used to the routine and he will understand that night time is sleepy time. If you go and comfort him in the night, all he will learn is that you go and give him attention when he whines. Keep persevering with him and it will all fall into place! :) xxx

  9. My latest blog post definitely includes a picture of me dressed as Hermione.

    The movies being done doesn't mean you can't dress up anymore! Last year my roommate and I threw a Yule Ball as our Christmas party. Most of our guests dressed up as Harry Potter characters, we served Harry Potter themed snacks including DELICIOUS butterbeer, and we hung up signs around our apartment from Harry Potter. The sign on my bathroom door was "THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED" and the one on her bathroom was "Ministry of Magic." Good times.

    Belle as Hermione

  10. How am I just NOW finding out about your love for Harry Potter?! I dressed up for all the premieres as well (although not as good as y'all)! Trelawney is perfect!

  11. The exact same thing happened with our car a couple weeks ago! It's almost $1000 and they're trying to get out of it...they didn't want their insurance rates to go up because it was their teenage daughter who did it, so they "wanted to pay out of pocket."
    Our Fairy Tale

  12. Are you crating Maverick? If not, DEFINITELY make sure you start doing that. It may seem cruel at first, but they actually like the crate because it's a safe space for them. Like some other ladies said, a sound machine or something that has a ticking/heartbeat sound can help. With our dog, once we started crating her, she would cry for a little bit, but then we would ignore her, and after a few minutes she was done and totally slept through the night. ALSO, yes, I know it is not at all like having a real human baby, but I have a feeling that it is good practice!

  13. OMG I miss Harry Potter so much! I mean... yes I re-read the books and watch the movies all the time... BUT ITS JUST NOT THE SAME!

  14. Love your Harry Potter get-up! Captain Phillips was an exceptional movie!!! I loved it!!! He seriously is the man! I haven't seen gravity, but I'm not sure I can handle only 2 actors in the film... makes me nervous! That sounds like a redbox rental, not a "pay $8 when it first comes out" kind of movie.

  15. Don't worry, I have a kitten that LOVES to sleep with us but will try to play during the night. At least it is better than keeping him out of the room because I LOVE LOVE LOVE his snuggles. Only 9 weeks old, can you believe it?

    I could never let him sleep outside our room, that's for sure. Voorhees (the kitten, named after Jason Voorhees) is so adorable like that!

  16. Oh no! I can't believe about your car! I like to imagine that the person really needs that money to save a life or somethin', so at least it's going to a good cause if not my pocket.