The Life of Bon: Check. Uncheck. Check.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Check. Uncheck. Check.

Grades entered in the computer and finalized:  Check.
House clean:  Uncheck.
Shower taken:  Check.
Talk ready for church tomorrow:  Uncheck.
Eating muddy buddies in bed like a true fatty:  Check
Grocery shopping done:  Uncheck
Spending lots of time outside because the weather is beautiful and oh so fleeting:  Check.
Halloween costumes ready:  Uncheck.

I don't have it all done around here.  But I've got a few things done which is good enough.  I am weird enough that I want to do a Halloween costume for Maverick which means that I've spent the last hour and a half of my life googling costumes for dogs.

I'm a mess.  That's all there is to it.

For your weekend enjoyment:
+ One of my good mission buddies is visiting next weekend.  EEK.  Last time I saw her was seven months ago at her wedding.  Today she is six months pregnant.  She don't waste no time!
+ Laughed out loud rereading this post about a student who said that women exist to "minipulate you" and "make shit up."  Oh students!

And in case you care...
+ Last year's Halloween costume.
+ 2011 Halloween costume.
+ All other Halloween costumes


  1. Glad that you have had a good weekend and that despite having to enter and finish up grades you have had a good weekend!

  2. I have grades to do this week too, BLEGH!


  3. target has tons of cute dog costumes!

  4. SUCH a great picture! This better be framed in your place somewhere! PetSmart also has a TON of cute doggy costumes... they were on sale the other day... not sure if they still are... but they have Sesame Street, Winnie The Pooh, etc.


  5. I do like the photo very nice you both look so smart

  6. Eating muddy buddies and spending time outside sounds like a successful weekend to me!

  7. That is a beautiful picture of you two!

  8. Oh please, you should not feel like a fatty!!! If I had your body, I'd eat muddy buddies all day long and never feel a single twinge of guilt :)

  9. Wandered over thanks to your guest spot on ATP, and you had me at Muddy Buddies like a true fatty! HA! Bookmarking now!