The Life of Bon: A post in which I get a robot to clean my house

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A post in which I get a robot to clean my house

Instead of working five days and having a two day weekend, this coming week will give me the complete opposite.  Two days of work and five days of weekend.  BOO-YAH!  I love everything about Thanksgiving week so I am basically prepping myself for the greatest five day weekend of all time.  From the ridiculous amounts of food and family to Black Friday sales to finally giving myself permission to put up Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music, bring it Thanksgiving!  I'm ready for you!

Of course, first I have to work two days, and as excited as I am to be out of school for five days the teenagers are quadruplely so, making Monday and Tuesday almost impossible to teach.  WE'RE ALL SO HYPER!  LET US FREE!!!! (Also every time I use a word that is not a real word I feel like I need to confess to all of you, and so I hereby confess that quadruplely is not a real word.)

I'm also excited because it seems that I have found a trusty little helper to take care of cleaning the house for me in time for the holidays.  Now, in my blogging hay day it happens from time to time that a very nice person sends me something cool and says, "Hey if I give this to you will you show it on your blog?"  And I say, "Oh, okay, cool."  Which is how I have ended up with some great new jewelry and some purty shirts and even a free yummy smoothie or two.  But never in my blogging life have I ever been sent something as cool as I was sent this week.

Wait for it.


I was sent a robot.

A robot that will sweep and mop my floor for me.

So basically this is how it works.  You charge your robot.  You put a GPS thing on the counter that reads your floor plan.  You put the robot on the floor and then it sweeps and mops for you.  That is legitimately all there is to it.


The best part about it all is that Greg was freaking stoked out of his mind- just to mop the floor!  He kept wanting to know when I was going to open it and put it to work.  When I did crack in to it, he was all over it reading the instructions and putting the gadgets in place.  Then, when I left Saturday afternoon to run a few errands he said to me, I kid you not, "DO YOU MIND IF I CLEAN THE FLOORS WHILE YOU ARE GONE?"  Tell me if you've ever heard your husband say that?  No I do not mind, Greg.  Clean on! And that is how I found a robot to solve all my house cleaning needs.

Mav couldn't get enough of it. ^^^

Apparently some people have already heard of these advancements in cleaning, but I have not, so I was totally baffled by my cleaning robot.  And in love.  Sweeping and mopping is one of those chores that is a total bore to me (unlike organizing my closet which I strangely really love).  Also if you want to see how the iRobot Braava (which is its real name, although I personally think cleaning robot is a much better choice) works, watch this two minute video that explains it all.  It is the perfect holiday gift for your overworked mom or sister.  You know how women get offended when you get them a vacuum as a gift?  Well, it's kind of like that except for non offensive because it basically means "Lie on the couch while someone else does the cleaning for you!"

Make sure to go here to check out all the deets and happy short week everyone!

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Linqiq, Inc. and iRobot Braava.


  1. I'm telling you girl. Strap an ipod on that sucker and have a party!

  2. A friend of mine has this and its hilarious to watch her kiddo try to catch it as it cleans

  3. Hehe! I love that he asked if he could clean the floors while you were gone. Does it work well? Definitely a cool invention :)

  4. How clean were your floors afterward? Beau and I have thought about getting something like this in the future, but how well do the robots clean?

  5. hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Bonnie!

  6. LOL. Husband bought me a steam mop for Christmas (it came unwrapped in original packaging so I accidentally got it early) I haven't been able to use it yet, but he set it up and mopped the entire house when I ran to the gas station, and as soon as I walked in I was accosted and shown "LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THIS THING IS! LOOK! I MOPPED!!!"

    Considering he hasn't emptied the dishwasher in over two weeks, I'll take it!

    I LOVE the robot vaccuums though. We used to have a roomba we named Steve that vacuumed for us. He had a good life before our cat pushed him down the stairs. :(

  7. That's one way to get boys to clean!! haha

  8. Um....can you send the people my way to send me one? I've heard of the round ones that I guess didn't work so well, so I'm hesitant to spend a few hundred on something that may or may not work. They are fun though!

  9. Dude this looks AWESOME!


  10. Oh I would love that!! I think my dogs would go absolutely ape shit though, one of them attacks the vacuum/broom/mop every single time!

  11. Because my husband got a new job, he got a Roomba to celebrate! He loves vacuuming and cleaning, so he got to try out a neat vacuum and help get the floors cleaner with it. We named ours Rhoda. Our cats are terrified of it!

  12. Haha! We have carpets, but this is pretty cool. I think our cat would get some great exercise too!

  13. My mom has an iRobot that does the vacuuming and she seriously treats the thing like its her third child.

  14. I bought my parents a robot cleaner for Christmas and what does my sister ring me up for last week to ask if I think buying them a robot vac would be a good idea when I say I already have one for them she is like bloody hell Jo-Anne you think of everything. I just hope they like it

  15. Um yes, kids are so bonkers during these two days! I am completely jealous of your iRobot. Though I think it my husband would have a panic attack if he could no longer vacuum our floors!