The Life of Bon: Weekend shenanigans and a BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Weekend shenanigans and a BIRTHDAY!

Two daughter in laws and a mother in law.

Today is my mother in law's birthday.


It's a day that is a bit hard to celebrate because my father in law, Gary, had open heart surgery yesterday.  He had a valve replaced in his heart and a bypass.  He is recovering extremely well- as well as can be expected, but still he will be in the hospital for 4-6 days at best.  Thus, her special day will be spent mostly at the hospital, worrying about others.  How fitting for Becky.  Still, we will try to celebrate at least a little bit, hitting up Cheesecake Factory for lunch and doing our best to decorate the house and make her feel special.

I adore my mother in law.  I realize that sentence has rarely been spoken in the history of mankind, but I say in unapologetically.  As far as the mother in law lottery goes, I hit the dang jackpot.  Becky is as selfless a person as I've ever met.  Yesterday I was thinking about where we could go to dinner or what dessert I could make for her and I realized I don't even know what restaurant she likes because we always go to the restaurants that everybody else likes.  I don't know what her favorite dessert is because she spends her life making everybody else's favorite treats.  I have never once seen Becky mad.  That woman is as calm as a summer morning.  I've seen her stressed and I've seen her sad, but I've never once seen her mad or mean in any way to anyone.

I see so much of my mother in law in Greg.  Oh, there's no doubt about it- he's got the stubbornness, the passion, the fiery wit of his dad.  But underneath those qualities, he's also got the softer, more gentle qualities of his mama.  His love for culture and plays, his incredible sensitivity and awareness of others' feelings, his never ending thoughtfulness- those qualities all come right from his mom.

Happy Birthday, Becky.  May you never spend another birthday in the hospital!

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  1. You definitely lured me in to a bunch of older posts of yours that you wrote before I started following haha, I started clicking links from comments and links from posts. Anyways, whirlwind of Bonnie posts is over and I enjoyed it! Happy Birthday to your MIL and positive vibes sent to your FIL for a speedy and healthy recovery!

  2. Hi, I'm Zia from Bits of Days. I just want to say hi to let you know that I'm your new reader! :)

    Happy birthday to your mother in law!

  3. Tell your mother-in-law happy birthday from the Northrops!

  4. Happy Birthday Becky!

  5. happy birthday to your mother-in-law!! :) xx

    Leyla Writes...

  6. Hope Becky had a bloody great birthday, as for adoring your mother in-law well I get that, not that I adored mine in fact I found her very annoying and she gave me the creeps but Tim adores his mother in-law (my mum)

  7. My MIL is also Becky and fits your description perfectly ... maybe there's something to the name? :)

  8. Hope that your FIL heals up soon :) and glad that he is recovering so well already. will pray for continued healing.