The Life of Bon: Would you like nine girlfriends? Me too.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Would you like nine girlfriends? Me too.

Today I am introducing you to nine ladies who you are seriously going to love.  The longer I blog the more I discover what an amazing community it is and how many terrific girls there are out there. This month's batch of ladies are smart, clever, and absolutely hilarious.  I have made so many connections and found such great friends through blogging and it is my hope that you will too.  Here's some ones you might want to check out if you want a seriously awesome blog bestie and a great daily read. (I highlighted a couple of favorite posts from each blog so if you want to you can just skip right to the real deal.)


Lauren's blog is perfect for people like me who like to look decent but who also must go to work all day in the clothes they have chosen.  I see so many fashion blogs where the people are adorable, but I know in a million years I could never wear that for the eight or ten hours my job requires.  Lauren's styles are cute, comfortable and affordable (her favorite stores are Target, Gap, and Old Navy.  Win!)  I loved this post where she showed us how to rock leather leggings (do I dare?) and this post where she sports the "trendy" polka dots.  The perfect blog to check out for realistic and cute outfit ideas.


What will first catch your attention at Lauren's blog is the adorable blog design and the stunning pictures. (Lauren can you teach me how to use a camera?)  Besides being aesthetically pleasing, Lauren's blog feels very genuine and true to life.  She writes a lot about her faith and many of her posts are inspirational or motivational.  I especially loved this post about working hard and not giving up in regards to marathon training. (So beautifully titled The Soul of the Diligent)  And for another side of Lauren make sure to read this hilarious entry about "translating" speech in the South!


Kelly's blog feels like I'm going home and hanging out with my best friend.  Probably because Kelly actually does live with her best friend so when I read her blog, bam, all of a sudden I have roommates again!  She is relatable and true to life.  She states that she always tries to be completely honest on her blog and you can feel that as your scroll through her posts.  I am definitely one to always appreciate some genuineness in the blog world, so Kelly's blog is a breath of fresh air.  I loved this post on the downfalls of being an adult (why does growing up have to be so hard?!) and this post about mean online comments was an absolute home run.  I wish I would have written it myself!


Danielle's blog is eccentric and a little bit quirky- just like she is.  If Phoebe from Friends had a blog, I feel like it would look similar to Danielle's.  It's just a tad nerdy but at the same time, but it's the kind of nerdy that makes you feel safe and protected and like everything is going to be alright in this world.  Her wedding post is one of my favorite ever and I could scroll through her pictures all day (love her dress and headpiece!)  Also this post about having a partner through life and being there for each other good times and bad had me tearing up.  (Oh, and her "about" is as unique and hilarious as they come.)


Madeline is a fellow teacher like myself so naturally I am going to love her, no questions asked!  She's a fourth grader though, that woman is the real brave one!  I loved this post on the day of the life of a fourth grader-  the day she wore pajamas to school and all pandemonium broke loose.  I also really connected with this post about comparing our lives to others' and how life should be about celebrating, not about jealousy and competition.  Oh, and if you like the mushy stuff, her most recent post celebrating six months of marital bliss is pretty darn adorable.  And one more thing- I absolutely LOVE her blog design- so simple and clean.  No one can get mad at that!


Rebecca's blog is one of my favorite in all of blog land for her candid honesty and unapologetic vulnerability. She has a bit of an edge to her, but instead of coming off harsh and crass it is sincere and endearing.  I think what I love about her is she doesn't feel the need to hide anything or act like her life is perfect.  She talks about marital struggles, dealing with bipolar disorder, and living far away from her family.  It's this total honesty that will bring me back to her blog over and over again and if  life ever takes me up to Alaska I would make it a prioirty to visit with this woman because I feel like she has much wisdom to impart on me.  My favorite posts of hers are always the "depressing" ones, but it's because that's where her honesty and rawness really shine through.  I especially love this one and this one.


The best word I can think of to describe Kelly's blog is fun.  (Just look at that picture that she sent to me, you can tell this girl is anything but boring.)  I think a big challenge for bloggers is that we all tend to become a lot like each other- not Kelly.  Her blog truly stands out.  It is absolutely hilarious and full of crazy, quirky stories.  This post about her friend's breakup had me laughing out loud (It's titled "My friend's horrifying break up is really making my day."  HA!).  And since I am always feeling guilty for not working out enough this post titled "I'm trying really hard to like yoga" made me feel like I can stop being so hard on myself.  Kelly doesn't take life too seriously and after reading her blog you'll feel like it's time to loosen up and just have a good time already.


Kaylin's blog has a little bit of hometown taste to it, probably because she grew up, went to college and started her first career all in the same small town.  She loves it though, and explains the benefits of small town life in this post.  Because of her small town upbringing I feel like she has a "girl next door" flavor to her- gorgeous but at the same time relatable and down to earth.  She has a category on her top side bar just for "shizzle" and she dubs herself as "what one would call a developing blogger."  I love that she can poke fun of herself a bit and not get too uppity about anything.  She's also totally inspirational- this post on losing 25 pounds with weight watchers will inspire you to get your butt in gear!


(I typically write all of the intros, but Dayna had written her own intro that was just too hilarious and witty for me to mess up with anything of my own.  So this is all Dayna)  

Hi y’all! I’m Dayna over at Princess Burlap, and I blog to inspire (and sometimes offend).  I grew up in a house where The Boogeyman was real and the only rule was No Ouija Boards. I was a wrist cutter and a crier and a dreamer and a throw-myself-at-walls-and-screamer. 

I’m getting married in three months and my betrothed had a vasectomy. Sad face. And so it has been foretold that we shall enter into our married lives first as lovers, then, as pincushions. But wait! Bad news for me is good news for you! Adventures in infertility will make for a mighty fun blog adventure, being sprinkled as they will between posts about ghosts , confessions to being lost and found, and all the fun crumbles of life as I live it.

Truth is, life can be sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami, sometimes all at once and that is so not delicious. But it’s life and it’s such a wild ride, isn't it? Some days you’ll laugh with me, some days you’ll cry with me, but you’ll always get unbridled, unhinged and unfiltered me. That’s a promise. And a threat. 

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