The Life of Bon: Beautiful weather and other gifts from God.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Beautiful weather and other gifts from God.

REMINDER:  November's book club selection is A Thousand Splendid Suns.  We will discuss this book on Tuesday, November 26 (the Tuesday before Thanksgiving).  Last month our book club participation was pretty small- I would love to have a more active discussion this month of the book.  It is one of my top ten favorite books- absolutely beautiful- and a book I think every woman should read.  You've got three weeks- go get it read!

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today.  We're more than a week into November and we've got temps in the 60s all through the weekend.  The temperatures are more that ten degrees higher for the average of this time of year.  The weather man keeps telling us that any day the weather's going to turn, that it's going to get nasty, that fall is on its way out!  Any day now!  Then somehow fall lingers a few more days, promising us it's fleeting but showing otherwise by sticking around.  There will be a day or two of cold, wind and rain that reminds us of how nasty winter can be. "Fall is over!" I think!  The bad weather is here! But then fall comes right back, never gone for more than a few days, demanding that this is his moment and he will shine.

Every day that the weather is beautiful I think to myself, "I have to enjoy this day!  It's our last day of gorgeous weather!"  But then it's not.  There are more and more and more days of 60 and 70 degree weather, sunshine, perfect temperatures.  I suppose there is some kind of life lesson in this, that there will always be beautiful days ahead.  That it can get cold and nasty for awhile, but we never have to worry that this will be our last day of beauty.  No matter how much we anticipate the bad, the fact is we have many, many beautiful days ahead.

For your weekend reading: 

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  1. Looks beautiful! I'm sad to say winter is officially here where I live, it won't stop raining! ;)

  2. so pretty! this year has not been too bad with weather!

  3. I have SO many books waiting the queue on my Nook, so I will not be joining your book club yet. BUT! I've been wanting to since I started following. I'm going to try and get back into the groove of recreational reading by the new year, so I hope you continue book club in 2014!

  4. Love the colors! The trees here are starting to shake off all their leaves. :(

  5. Just discovered your blog, Bonnie, and am having a great time laughing through your stories :)

    I saw a quote/thought the other day that was something along the lines of "stay close to the things that make you happy to be alive" and true fall weather with its glorious but not harsh sunlight, its colorful leaves, and brisk air was definitely one of the first things that came to mind!

  6. I love that book! If I can find it I will reread it and join the book club!!

  7. I read a few of the linked're so funny! :)

    Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!

  8. Wow it does look super beautiful there! Thanks for the great links, checking them out now :)

  9. We've been blessed with a beautiful fall here too - it's so nice when those leaves hang on just a little bit longer.

    I've never read that book but you had me with "a book every woman should read." Also your true English teacher self totally came across in your instruction which is just adorable :)

    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

  10. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I love this way of thinking about it- there really are a lot of beautiful days ahead!

  11. That book is absolutely one of my favorites. Can't wait to participate.

  12. I finished it in a frenzy this weekend and I loved it.

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